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  1. sad to hear......i'd love to see him fight grove again now that his jiu jitsu has improved so much
  2. ZM_95

    Next for Couture?

    I'd like to see him fight rashad
  3. youngest to compete in the ufc was vitor belfort at 19. youngest champion ever was josh barnett at 24.
  4. ZM_95

    Smartest Fighters

    what about chael sonnen?
  5. i agree, GSP has way better stand up than maia
  6. his wrestling looked pretty good against miller, okami and nate IMO
  7. I think chael and GSP tie for the best wrestling P4P in mma. What do you guys think?
  8. ZM_95

    WWE vs UFC

    yeah i agree. i don't see how people over 8 could enjoy it. it's a load of ****.
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