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  1. He knows this is best shot of sliding in to the title again. Dana will absolutely make Conor vs Dustin for the title.
  2. BarbaricBob

    MTP is cringe

    This guy tapped and tried to keep fighting afterwards. That's the kind of **** kids do in Jiu Jitsu class. He sucks.
  3. Damn bro. You and your chick both suck at picking fights.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/DeronWinn/status/1319668931511070720 He weighed in backstage first according to this. Not saying it's true or not. Does seem strange to get naked if they were going to say he was on weight anyway though. Either way I've got Khabib winning.
  5. Expected to headline December 19th. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/10/ufc-news-dana-white-announces-leon-edwards-khamzat-chimaev
  6. Also, speaking on Ortega, at least he is fun to watch. Even if he's getting his **** kicked. Leon sucks whether he's winning or losing.
  7. That's what he gets for turning down Wonderboy. Now he can go fight Belal Muhammad for the #15 spot.
  8. Yes. Don't believe everything you see on Twitter little fella.
  9. I love how Edwards mentions Stephens getting KOd by a LW when Edwards' 2 biggest wins are decisions over 2 LWs who were already on losing runs. He's not exactly impressing anybody when he gets in there with them either.
  10. That doesn't change my mind at all. Once the fight starts I think he would do a proper job.
  11. As Dan Hardy and several others have said already, Till would be a far better option this his current corner. I think he would actually take it seriously too. During those fifteen minutes at least.
  12. I'll have to find it, but I mentioned a while back that regardless of who won, they would end up getting engaged somewhere down the road. Then Izzy literally dry humps Paulo in the cage. Lol.
  13. Only thing Izzy ran was his shin into Paulo's dome.
  14. Lawler hasn't looked good in a hot minute. Perry sucks but he'll win this one.
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