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  1. I really hope they finally do the GSP fight. Getting tired of waiting on that.
  2. He never said he picked fitch. Just that Silva wasnt ready for anyone rated at Fitchs level. If this was old boring dry **** fitch then Silva might have won a decision. This new Fitch is awesome. Please, let this one stick around.
  3. Thumper17

    Next for Silva?

    I really wanted Bonnar to get the win, I felt like it was time, Classic underdog story. Who the hell else is left for Silva to fight?
  4. If I was anderson I'd probably be a little bored walking through people two weight classes lower then me and I'd want a new challenge.
  5. I think Silva might be a weightclass too big. He's Jones' size but a weightclass lower, I dont understand how he gets away with it. I really want to see him move up to LHW. Until he does that, he shouldnt be qualified for P4P. It's fair to say he's the best MW ever, sure. But until he wins a belt at LHW, where he should be fighting then he isnt P4P. Especially when he actively ducks fighting at LHW.
  6. This interests me, please elaborate.
  7. Sorry' date=' all I got was, [img']http://a4.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/119/e06700ede46849eda8c73d35f0998713/l.jpg[/img] Care to elaborate?
  8. List the top 3 or 5 fights we NEED to see before the fighters retire. 3. Overeem VS Junior Dos Santos 2. GSP VS Silva 1. Jones VS Silva
  9. Well obviously we need to have Jon "Bones" Jones VS Anderson "Spider" Silva for the LHW and Middleweight belts thunderdome style. Two man enter, one man leave. Or he could move up to HW.
  10. Thats what happens when you take ten months off. The UFC threw Rua into the fire on this one.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out something in Ruas face broke or his ribs or spleen/liver burst. He took a beating.
  12. Because Shogun would have been much more comfortable in the octagon and well oiled. Nothing like he was tonight. He looked like he was going through puberty in there as much as I loved the fight, it was pretty sad.
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