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  1. aldo might not have finished the fight but he finished his career because after that lose he was never the same. btw canadians > Irish
  2. they will be saying the same thing about mccan after he beats him too
  3. I think it would be a really good fight if cormier could cut the weight and I would give him the slight edge
  4. i would probably walk out to...... Welcome to the black parade - mcr or who gon stop me now - Kanye and Jay Z
  5. He is too good at his job of fighting and entertaining fans for that sir
  6. I just rewatched Anderson fight Demian maia and it was the most entertained i have been in a long time, and I still cant understand why people did not like Anderson for this entertainment he brought us
  7. I do recall gray pummeling frankie with strikes in their last two fights almost resulting in a stoppage but then i remember bj penn not being able to hit frankie too much so therefore your telling me bj penn is simply slow as well , especially in striking category ?
  8. good head on your shoulders there bro and Diaz would just get what Rory MacDonald did to him or worse
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