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  1. How can anyone enjoy watching Cerrone get dropped? The guy is ridiculously talented and, from what I can tell, a great guy away from the cage as well. I'm not certain why he's continuing with this head-erect fighting style, everyone seems to be figuring him out now, he needs to incorporate his wrestling and jiujitsu game a lot more because the cream of the crop at LW are just going to outstrike him every time now. Love both fighters, glad Pettis won.
  2. There's no one in the Cesar Gracie camp that will hold UFC gold.
  3. I find her very attractive and I consider myself sort of picky. I mean, it's not 100% about the perfect look is it? The girl is fit, talented, and could kick your girls ***. I'll kick it with her any day of the week. Nothing but respect for Arousey.
  4. I don't think so, my friend. LOL. Rory looks jacked. I'm afraid for Penn's life here, seriously.
  5. It sounds like the OP doesn't know ish about marketing. When you have a new brand you push it, even if it means taking an initial loss.
  6. Who will be attending BJ's final retirement party? Rory's about to send Penn spinning into a french fry and Hawaiian Burger depression binge.
  7. Give me a break... in that same article he states he expects the best GSP to come out on fight night. How is that underestimating him?
  8. I really don't care a single bit. I'm here to watch these men fight. I don't idolize them, I don't pretend they're Gods or that they have to be saints. I'm here to watch them fight. I'm here to watch the UFC's hype machine. I'm here for the octagon girls. I'm not here trying to disillusion myself into believing that if I had 5 minutes with these guys that we'd be BFF's. Would it be cool to have a drink with Donald Cerrone? Sure. Would it ruin my life and make me call him names on the Interwebs because he turned me down? Nah, I've got more pride and self-respect than that.
  9. Daniel Cormier is the haters new savior? Please... if he could lose enough weight to fight at 205 Jon would just tool him without much difficulty. Jon's too big, too long and too good.
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