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  1. that being said Ronda did not throw him under the bus like Meisha did to Cody. Ronda took all the blame saying we weren't hard enough onn him. i do find it funny and ironic, but Meisha bailed on cody. Ronda was trying to stick her neck out for him after he already got the boot
  2. i dont mind gsp im just getting bored of him. he is static and forever non changing. i wanted hendricks to win in a hope that it lit a fire under his butt. he used to be a fun fighter to watch many years ago. agree 100% about the country statement though
  3. i think it kinda depends on the stuff surrounding the fight. he thinks jon won and gsp lost. also the whole semi retirement thing helps reinforce that notion because big bucks are to be had in the rematch
  4. i dont understand the love for cain. he impressed in both fights vs junior but other than that i just have something that irks me about him. i have a hard time giving HW's P4P status just because i dont know how they would fair if they were fighting others on an even scale. like i have a hard time believing that a 185 pound cain could beat a 185 pound pettis type of deal i think the same goes for the competition they face
  5. i forgot about barao he deserves mention and although many would dissagree i think mighty mouse holds high consideration for top 8 i have weidman so high for one his undefeated record and he has never really been in trouble. he also beat the goat so that doesnt hurt (although i think he loses that fight 9/10 times) i also look at his wrestling pedigree and hivaing beat guys like phil davis and ryan bader although not in mma competition holds some weight in my eyes that very succesful guys who fight heavy than him have lost in very similar competition. that may be a lousy statement but just kinda what i think when i think P4P
  6. i touched on this in another thread, the position that GSP was in only allowed him to get a decent headlock at best. his legs were in the air and GSP let go of the position to secure another split seconds before Johnnys hand begins flailing. upon further inspecxtion his elbow is the only thing that is in contact with GSP's body in that posion using it to create space by digging it into his leg like a pressure point which in turn caauses his hand to wiggle as if in a tapping motion
  7. my rankings are jones silva pettis (hate him but skill is undeniable) aldo gsp weidman
  8. I can assure you its worse here, because at least in America they dont feel obligated to watch, but since us canadians are so hung up on our pride, that they feel like they have to give biased love towards anything and everything canadian. my mom got mad at me because a few years ago i was cheering for Chicago over Vancouver in the NHL playoffs. Chicago has my favorite players and is my second favorite team for that reason, Vancouver is my least favorite team and had the most non canadian players of any NHL team at the time. i was told i wasnt being loyal to my country for that... it baffled me on all levels and i was like 15
  9. Damage should count in terms of effective striking shouldnt it? i mean qunatity counts but so should damage. i think the prime example in where that it does indeed hold true to some judges is Frankie Edgars most recent title fights. he does land at a fairly high rate, however he never would take so much punishment that the 10 strikes he may land doesnt mean much compared to the 1 or 2 punches/kicks that bust him up bad
  10. Okay bit of backstory ii've been watching mma for a real long time. and nothing is quite as disturbing as the people who cry and moan about how boring and stupid UFC is because they hug on the ground, yet whenever GSP is fighting they all cling to his nuts saying how amazing he is... i like GSP i think he gets a bad wrap although his fights aren't too exciting to me because he does fight safe but he's dominant so whatever. so yes back to the story everybody praises GSP as Jesus when they only watch him fight because they are extreme casual fans. so now im sure the phantom tap controversy of Johnny "tapping" in the first round is apparent. it is also extremely absurd that people eat this up. Someone posted a status with the .gif saying "For anyone claiming GSP lost the fight, Hendricks tapped in the first round so he won fair and square. the best fighter in the world wouldn't just let go when he has him choked out" i just face palmed because that status has over 20 likes. i commented saying that no it was not a tap, and that Hendricks clearly never touched GSP and instead used his elbow to create space which then resulted in GSP giving up on a choke he was not in a good position to do anything with (legs elevated and minimal torque) and bailed to do his normal game plan of position and control over unnecessary risk. you should have seen the comments i got. i was litterally accused of hating Canada and being stupid because GSP is too good to not get the tap. it is also quite obvious of me to point out that if GSP lets go before the ref stops the fight then its on him and no one else, and thats why Royce Gracie would hold submissions to punish the fakers back in the day. its quite obvious that `the best ever`wpuldn`t let go after the tap even if there was one. also mentioned that GSP let go before the hand started moving but once again i hate my country. sorry for the rant but i gotta say these casual gsp UFC fans piss me off haha my take on the fight was that Hendricks won 1,2 and 4, but rounds 1 and 5 were close enough that an argument could easily be made for eaither guy. meaning i thought Hendricks should have won but under the current scoring system a GSP victory made sense too. /rant
  11. its just what he said, i dont think JBJ is the toughest guy out there, but after seeing him gut through that armbar, and this fight tonight taking more strikes in this fight than his whole career combined most likely i dont see how you can question his heart or toughness as a fighter. apparently he had a broken foot, possibly shattered in the first round. that would account for some mobility issues too im sure. i want to see what injuries that Gus got from the fight!
  12. Winklejohn just said that Jones broke his foot bad, possibly even shattered it in the first round. it's crazy to think that because his kicks were his main weapon of choice tonight. not only that but it would have limited his mobility substantially. kind of makes his rally all the more impressive in my opinion. curious to see what injuries gus has. both guys were in a war tonight. earned that bonus big time
  13. meh it really doesnt mean anything. i think the fact that he defended the IC unlike most recent Interim Champs makes him a legit champ. but he shouldnt get the undisputed title until he fights Cruz or Cruz gets fired or retires or something. I kinda hope that Cruz wins just because that division would be starving for challengers for Barao. although i think a Barao vs Mighty Mouse fight would be awesome. i also dont see Barao moving up or down in weight for super fights as long as Aldo is champ.
  14. Straight from the boss himself. Dana said it. Great fight tonight. Hats off to Gus he brought the fight, but the Champ showed what he was made of
  15. Chute_Boxe_Champion


    Jon Jones did end the fight with 20 more significant strikes as well, not that i think it always gives a completely accurate representation of who won a fight, but it is another thing that Jones does have over Gus
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