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  1. It is kinda neat that there are people from all over the world on here.
  2. Thank you! Im going the last week of March to mid April. Yes, I do. Well not exactly an injury, but I have a disease and spinal cord damage along with two ruptured discs and five pinched nerves. Why should that stop me? I've already made this trip once last November. Sitting on a plane or sitting on the couch. Not much difference. I have wheelchair assistance for all four legs of my flight at the airport. There are people far worse off than me out there living life. I'm not going to roll over in self pity and die because of this. It's actually critical for my mental headspace to get out there and do these types of things. No?
  3. I want to ENJOY my time. Not sleep through it!
  4. Last trip my friend picked me up and took me shopping in Rotterdam and she is shall we say a conaisseur of these things and stopped at a shop..I don't remember the name but they had a bull dog logo and I saw those everywhere it seemed. Kinda like a 7-11 type chain or something. She is sure to get me good stuff IF I decide to try. I was too chicken last time. Mainly because my experience is limited to my early 20s and I'm a lightweight. One toke and all I do is laugh like a hyena for about 20 minutes, stuff my face and pass out cold for about 4 hours. LMFAO
  5. Actually if you wanna know the truth I was talking about this with my friend last night and it has been suggested to me that I *might* wanna try it for my ruptured disc pain. I've heard from MANY sources that it helps tremendously. I'm on some heavy opioids so it probably won't hurt any more than the havoc taking those long term does. Could be worth a try at least?
  6. I know not of which you speak...haha
  7. Thanks eh! Haha. I leave the last week of March until mid-April. Shouldn't be too much snow here then, but it will still be nicer there a little. I'll take it!
  8. The drugs are bad. I don't do the drugs.
  9. I'll have wifi and I'll be alone on my little adventure so I'm sure I'll find the time during my rest periods. I'll try to take more pics this time too and post in the where are you now thread.
  10. Lepelstraat is a little town about 10 minutes north from Bergen Op Zoom. No?!? I better get this stuff straight because I'll be having to figure out how to get around there. Yikes! Haha
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