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  1. Jose Aldo is in Holland right now, I live there. http://www.tatame.com/2011/02/23/Jose-Aldo-training-with-K-1-star-Andy-Souwer-in-Netherlands
  2. Any ideas what questions I should ask him?
  3. According to Dana's Twitter http://twitter.com/danawhite/status/24028224136683520. I really have no idea who is gonna be a TUF coach.
  4. Nobody cares about hockey in Europe, if you think somebody does, you a moron. Soccer is still the best sport and will always be, with close behind MMA. People from Europe understand me, there is nothing better than for example a Champions League match (ok maybe ufc) NOTHING. Discuss.
  5. http://www.betus.com/sports-betting/ufc/articles/bet-ufc-scoop-frank-mir-vs-roy-nelson-booked-for-ufc-130-2011-01-07/
  6. I'm picking Big country by (T)KO, Mir won't be able to submit him. Roy has some sick BJJ. If JDS couldn't put away Roy, Mir isn't going to be able to do that either. Only chance I see Mir winning is wall&stall like with Cro Cop.
  7. I'm not talking about being a Belfort fan, but being a Belfort fan in THIS fight. So you wanna see Belfort vs GSP, are you ****ing kidding me bro?
  8. If Silva wins we gonna see either Silva vs GSP or Silva vs Sonnen 2. I hope that Belfort doesn't destroys my and YOUR dreamfights. Belfort winning= **** fights
  9. Do you want it on the ****ing homepage of the UFC, you moron?
  10. http://www.showdown.ca/?p=2543 you moron
  11. How was it? Was it worth the money? Just share your experience. I plan on going this summer to an event, probably with Lesnar on the card= always good. How much was your ticket? Is it worth taking expensive seets?
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