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  1. Hey Doc, or anyone for that matter, i know this makes me sound pretty dumb, but how do you photoshop? Do you use a specific program? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I think the strongest divisions should be decided by how often the belt changes hands. this to m signifies the strenght of the competitors in the division. 1) LHW, No one has defended this belt more than once since Rampage. 2)HW, Although Brock has defended his title, i feel that this division wont remain dominated like some of the other lighter divisions. 3)LW, If you removed Penn, i think this division would be like LHW, just faster paced. 4)WW, George has cleaned out this division, and if he wasn't there, fitch would most likely have done the same this to the division. 5)MW, Anderson has defended the title more times here than anyone in any UFC division ever. While that says a lot about how good silva is, it also says a lot about the overall strenght of MW
  3. im soooo looking forward to this. Cro cop is THE MAN, nothing but class and respect. that being said, i would not be suprised at all if this fight went like mir/lesnar 1, with cro cop in place of lesnar of course. Cro cop land a few good strikes, plants mir on his ****, swarms, then mir recovers and pulls off a submission. I want Mirko to win more than anything, but im calling Mir to win via some sort of leg/ankle lock
  4. Well dude, wtf, were u even wearin a rubber? dont tell me that it broke, cause i have sex a couple times a week, and my bf's rubber has NEVER broke. And if you really are 26, then what the hell are you doing at a party, dont u have something better to do. Also, are you a retard? did you really have trouble distinguishing a 20 year old from a 17 year old...I smell ********, im calling shennanigans on the OP
  5. thanks, we had to wrap his head up in a towel, to stop the bleeding. the towel was absoloutley drenched in like 10 minutes. He kept slipping in and out of conciousness. it was more of a severe concusion than like his head getting split open, but it was sick, cause there was this big flap of skin that hung off the top of his head:eek:
  6. worst thing that ever happened to me was me and a couple of friends were hiking/camping/drinking, we were way out in the middle of nowhere, and one friend fell and smashed his head open. our cell phones didnt get any service, so we had to carry him like a day and a half to the nearest road. he ended up being fine, but damn, that definatley ruined a good weekend
  7. I say if penn loses against edgar, have penn move up and face hughes, complete the trilogy
  8. thank you, if anything, he has some of the better cardio in the top of the heavyweight division
  9. Im a huge cro cop fan, but i think that mir will catch a LHK from mirko and pull off some phsychadelic flying kneebar
  10. lol, i just imagined her putting the smackdown on nate diaz for some wierd reason:o
  11. Machine head rules, i saw them wih slayer and megadeth a little while ago, one of the better bands ive even seen. The circle pit for Halo was nutz!!!
  12. I dunno if these are actually anything, but the names sound pretty funny. The French Tickler, and of course the dreaded rear admiral lol
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