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  1. None of this is relevant. Anderson is the P4P best fighter of all time.
  2. That flat out sucked. Two obnoxious morons bickering over nonsense. Chael is how i expected, but that interviewer? What the ****. He sounds like an arm chair fighter who is trolling on a MMA forum. How does that man have a job??!!
  3. Benson has been improving dramatically with every fight in the UFC. But i don't know if he has ever fought an explosive wrestler like Frankie. He shoots a much quicker takedown then Guida with much better technique. I think this is Edgar's fight to lose. I can see Ben [T]KOing Edgar.
  4. I think the only reason why they didn't show Guida Henderson is because there was a small chance that Guida could implement his lay and pray tactics. I thought Guida Henderson would of been much more boring then that back and forth war.
  5. The thing with Junior vs Overeem is that i think Junior can take Overeems strikes, I do not think Overeem can take Junior's. I also think Junior will mix in takedowns on Overeem a bit like he did to Carwin. Overeem is a good fight but he is gun shy and that will be the difference between good and greatness.
  6. Benson vs Frankie is going to be epic. I see no possible way that fight is boring. Both fighters have good wrestling and striking. It should be an entertaining, technical striking match with some fast paced clinch/grappling exchanges sprinkled in. Benson is quicker then Gray and should be able to keep up with Frankie's pace.
  7. Tweak

    Bisping has a hot wife

    Haha it was sarcasm. Any guy who does not think she is hot is a closet gay. Just telling the truth. She is easily 9/10. Would be nice to see the fully body though.
  8. Guida vs Henderson was the perfect fight to show new viewers. Dana must be kicking himself right now. If they did Guida/Henderson followed by Velasquez/Dos Santos it would of been the perfect way to get new fans.
  9. I think he is developing into the perfect fighter. It is hard to call the man a perfect fighter right now since he lost and since he has only been fighting for 4 years. But he has put all his skills together to be a fighter without an obvious holes. 4 years of experience is not enough to be a dominant champion in my opinion. He really should of never tried to stand with Junior like he did. I know he was looking to setup his takedowns but he was not fighting like Cain Velasquez. I think he underestimate Junior's striking. Seems like a silly mistake but after hitting Junior with a few combinations he probably thought he could stand with him. Reminds me a bit like almost every fighter Anderson Silva has lured into a stand up fight by letting them land a few combinations without much consequence.
  10. Right now i think it is impossible to pick a top HW to beat another. Too unpredictable. But if i had to i would pick Junior over every HW in MMA. The man is a hammer who has never been rocked in his career and right now his only weakness was his cardio, with Cain defeated there is no other HW who can out cardio Junior. I'm not sold on Junior's apparent lack of wrestling being his weakness. No one has been able to capitalise on it and i think his takedown defense is actually one of his strongest assets. He throws fists like he can't be taken down.
  11. I don't think he could think of a witty comeback. Not sure how a professional fight could possibly be scared of words, maybe his wife, but not a man he is going to demolish.
  12. In Australia they aired Guida vs Henderson, Velasquez vs Dos Santos and Demarques vs Harveson, in that order. I was very very satisfied with my one hour UFC on Fox experience but i think it would of been a little dissapointing if it had just been Velasquez vs Dos Santos. I didn't get to hear Brock and Dana as analysts, John Annick introduced the fights and then turned it over to Rogan and Goldie. I swear i remember Dana saying that it won't matter whether this fight goes 10 seconds or 25 minutes, it will be exciting. I think it was a very exciting 64 seconds and i think people watching MMA for the first time would think it was an exciting fight. That said they really should of included Guida vs Henderson in the American broadcast. Would of sealed the deal for new fans i think.
  13. Starting to think that it might be impossible to be a dominant champion in the heavy weight division. Too many hard hitters who can end a fight with one strike.
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