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  1. its fobar parents, every toy dangling represents x100 posts on this forum for him
  2. if i am such a part time here, why am i so upset?
  3. jose aldo has beaten no one worth mentioning chad dominates everyone except aldo who go to a tight decision. connor humiliated chad. 145 division exposed and connor is GOAT
  4. relax, not everyone is like you, the need to create alts for a free forum only exists for people like you who want more then one account with 38k posts
  5. i claim to spend no time here but then i choose to defend that point by saying i know the forum members personally, my no life outside of this forum has been exposed, what unoriginal response should i use next to avoid the question?
  6. lol ok settle down cheeto fingers, not all of us spend 24/7 on a free forum.
  7. wow i literally just clicked post and you had a reply. take a deep breff? and no question in last comment, no life exposed
  8. if i was not upset about being called out for posting 38k posts but still claiming i spend no time here, would i reply with angry defensive comments to the person questioning me within 20 seconds of him asking me?
  9. slow down, you are replying within seconds. lol you clearly have a life outside of this forum.
  10. If i had spent the last 6 years making 38k posts on a free forum, would i still be so defensive when someone questions what is clearly true?
  11. don't get all defensive lol, you have 38k posts since 2009, that is quite a bit, its sad you still need to defend what you clearly have spent your last 6 years doing
  12. why does fobar have 38k posts and is still a free forum member? does he really have that little of a social life and so poor that he can not afford a few dollars to enjoy what he spends his whole life doing which is being on this freebie forum?
  13. 38k posts and still a 'Free' forum member lol what a stingy loser, you must spend all your time here, pay a few dollars a live life you tramp
  14. Brock lesnar defeats in his prime randy coachore to become champ
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