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  1. Srs que ~ I'm a big Lyoto fanboy ... BUT IF he does lose, should he hang em' up ? Personally I think he should of hung em up 2 years ago or dropped to 185
  2. Well it's that time again when we get to nominate the next round of mod hopefuls. Vote for yourself or vote for the 1 person you think is most deserving. Please vote & tell who you voted for. Poll coming & inb4poll.
  3. After witnessing his prowess ... Many on here have stated he is the best ref in MMA... After his effort in reffing Munoz v Weidman ... Is he still No.1 ?
  4. Easy win for Jamie ~ Anybody down for a sig bet on this fight ? Beltran looks in shape for this one ~ lololololol
  5. = Go Stoner & Webber. Plus the Wimbledon final... Gawd I want Murray to lose ~ Sickie tomorrow.
  6. I bet Chael wished the fight was only a single round. Then he would of won via LnP ~ Well at least he got a take down. Enter the 2nd round ... He goes for a typical TD but fails... Then a thing of MMA beauty... That spinning back elbow... He must of practised that alot. He executed it to perfection. Falling ver into the fence while swinging at thin air ~ Then he ate that knee like a true champ... Got up & got dropped with a right. What a champ. He reminded of Brock the way he turtled up in the fetal position ... Legend. & how come he was so quiet after the fight ? Cat got his tongue or was his brain still scrambled ? Sonnen Champ 2012 believe ~ Rejoice Chael followers...
  7. Are they that insecure their fake idol is going to get sodomized ? No wonder they do not accept any bets... They are to spineless. Run at me you lil sheep ~
  8. Yeah thats rite ~ 40-12... lololol you MexiCAN's... That means Chael is a dead man walking ~ Green Machine baby ... RIP Chael ....
  9. ... he loses to a 38 year old Anderson Silva ? What excuses will he try to conjur up to deflect on yet another humiliating loss ? ... & what excuses will his lil sheep followers try make up to deflect their useless trolling ? Cause lets be honest... losing to a 38 year old past it fighter you've been bagging for a while makes you look even worse then your attempts of trying to troll. Fight time is near ticking & I look forward to it ...
  10. Ima think it's munkie ~ He is always straight down the line... & always mad. Chael's lil lost sheep follower's try to come literally a close 2nd BUT they fail as usual... They try too hard like their leader. & EDIT - Jeff is ducking me.... Bon Jovi > deftones.
  11. To think he was a nobody earlier on with a mediocre MMA record @ best. Reasons why Chael tries to troll are ~ - To mask & cover all his embarrassing losses... (getting choked out on another blokes ballbag 9 times has to be humiliating) Hence why he trolls. He'll do anything to try & deflect from all those losses. - It's the only way he can try & stay relevant... (As his fight style is dull to say the least.. He cannot knock the top off a cream pie... How many times has he KO'd an opponent ? lolololol... & his BJJ game is that of a 10 year white belt) His bread & butter is TD's & a bit of lying in his opponents guard feeling him & trying to patter him with his pillow fists... Hardly a PPV worthy fighter with that fight style ... Hence why Chael trolls. - He knows if he makes brash statements & dribbles, he will get loads of lil sheep following him & trying to troll just like he tries to troll... I actually feel sorry for Chael & his followers... Lets just hope he lives up to his own hype & doesnt let all his followers down yet again. Cause its painfully obvious Anderson has got into Chaels head... Heck it took him 3 days to reply to what Anderson said & what Chael dribbled in response was piss weak @ best. Best of luck Chael. Here's hoping you can chew that steak medium rare after you fight Anderson again.
  12. Bank on it. He will retire Franklin. Disclaimer - Wandy will probably lose
  13. Of all the horrid offences that have been committed throughout time ... In your opinion...What takes the cake as being the worst ? Poll coming... Inb4poll.
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