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  1. Tah Gab. & BMX riding is now an Olympic sport... oh dear.
  2. Australia have an upcoming friendly against Scotland. Should be good.
  3. Classic. I bet she is the 'butt' of all jokes ~ badum tsk... sad lame joke. ... & yeah I used to have a Pommy flatmate who was out here playing rugby... & it was oddly suprising how many sayings we had that were very similar... He got me on the 'minging' saying which made me laugh.
  4. Wow, they try & make it seem like rocket science.
  5. Exactly ^ Plus Reem has to try & keep relevant while he is suspended... I guess he is trying to try his hand @ trolling.
  6. What is the criteria for these rankings ? Lucky dip ?
  7. lulz, you are learning more Oz, slang / lingo everyday. In short it means she is easy ... / a cheap tart.
  8. I love mixing drinks. It hits you real hard... beer, then a rum, beer then a vodka, beer then a scotch beer then chartruesse , beer then squashed frogs. The earlier you start drinking the better.
  9. & could somebody give me an update on the soccer for the mens & womens ? Have the finals been played yet ?
  10. Do you have the full list ? Australia like 25-30 ?
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