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  1. You're still the man for actually doing it instead of talking about it.
  2. DKF

    Stephan Bonnar "injured"

    Why would Bonnar be scared of Vemola ? Vemola is very inexperienced and is trying to step into a new tier of fighters. Stephan will finish him in round 2, because Vemola is a big muscular idiot that cuts a lot of weight when he already has no gas to begin with.
  3. Me turning Ms. Celeste down, after she asked me out.
  4. I think he is an overrated PoS. Bonnar would have TKO'd him in the 2nd, I love how everyone hopped on his sack after he beat up Seth "The Silvercan" Petrucani
  5. I want to see Carwin's face photoshopped onto Jesus while he is on the cross..
  6. added... but fat chance, most far out thing yet
  7. Make your own list in their entireties and I will add them to OP
  8. DKF's List -Jesus coming back. -2012 actually happening. -Scrubs becoming a decent show again. -Chael Sonnen never being triangled again. -GSP vs Silva superfight happening. -Sherdog unbanning me. -Me winning the lottery. -Dana calling me out of nowhere to give me free tickets. (Please) -Donald Trump being president. -Fitch fininshing his next sandwhich. -Me and Jesssica Alba tie the knot. -Me converting to Mormonism and tying the knot with Brooklyn Decker... and Jessica Biel, on top of Alba, literally. This should be fun. Beserker101's List: -UBL facing Mecca psanda's List: -Brock lesnar fights 750 lb gorilla to unify the titles between two continents -Refs start standing up boring fighters -The French/Canadian army gives up it's armory for a more reputable fighting style and buys thousands of blankets - to lay on top of their opposition . -Tito fights chuck again -Tag team ufc matches ForrestGriffinFan101's List: -Michael Bay making a good movie..... -......Glenn Beck saying something that doesn't make him sound completely dumb. _Josh_'s List: -Judges actually getting a fight right. iNOOB's List: -Nick Diaz quitting weed.
  9. I'm in favor of a sudden death round. Or they could just go to classic UFC where there aren't rounds and you just fight until someone gets finished.
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