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  1. Yeah I heard him say that. I was like "wtf" lol.
  2. Khabib is 24 - 0. He deserves the title shot more than anyone.
  3. “Hey, be careful. I’m gonna smash your boy,” Nurmagomedov said to White between rounds. “Just get through this first,” White responded. http://www.foxsports.com.au/ufc/ufc-205-khabib-nurmagomedov-tells-dana-white-between-rounds-hell-smash-conor-mcgregor/news-story/af27a53a038ac19e63c296511685377f
  4. My favourite is Point Break when Keanu Reeves chases Patrick Schwayze after the bank robbery. Terminator 2 is also one of my favourites.
  5. Hey OP McRunner was 30 seconds away from getting choked out again you jabroni
  6. WrongBet

    Reebok crap

    Faber had an issue with his reekbok shorts too. The brand is so B grade.
  7. Gegard for ufc 200? Lol! they're trying to sell PPVs not trying to stop people from buying them.
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