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  1. Tyranny from your own government has been an issue for a very long time. To protect against this, it is important to allow citizens to have arms. With that being said, neither of those 2 rationales have much logic now. Our government has nukes beyond comprehension, guns won't do much to stop them if they really wanted to hurt us. Second, England is not looking to want to take our independence any time soon Are you really that naive? We aren't nuking the Afghans or Iraqi's and we do want to hurt them, do you actually think they'd nuke us? Really? No. That's just stupid. Why would they nuke the LAND that they want to own and make it unfit for development? They would fight with conventional arms in order to preserve profitable infrastructure. They would want to kill rebels, while leaving the wealth intact. Because they would use conventional arms, and maybe some small scale explosives/missiles, semi-automatics are the very least we have a right to. The government has armored assault vehicles, fully automatic machine guns, grenades, drones, stealth helicopters, patriot missiles, etc. In order to stand up to that at the very least I have the right to an AR-15, semi-auto. Sure, it's NOTHING compared to what the government can bring to bare, but it's enough, it's enough to let them know I won't live as a slave. However, guess what, I do not own an AR-15. I don't even want an AR-15. But I believe the people have a RIGHT to own and possess at the very least a reasonable weapon in comparison to what the government can throw at them. When they have all the high tech toys and night vision and armored vehicles, whats wrong with the people having a AR-15 and a 30 round magazine? If you argue that our government would never turn on us, or go tyrannical fascist on us, you're willfully ignorant and naive. It's already happening. This isn't about gun control, it's about people control - and they want all of it. Just look at NYC and their new 40 million dollar microsoft surveillance system. 1984 isn't coming, it's already here. Do we stand up for liberty or not?
  2. Trying to post a pic YAY! Oh, and superior firepower =/= swift victory. We've been fighting insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a decade. Now realise: A) We have 120 million more people spread out over hundreds of thousands more square miles We have millions more guns. "A gun behind every blade of grass" C) Many of our soldiers who march willingly against Iraqi's and Afghans would not march willingly against Americans D) We have not yet become accustomed to being dominated like those folks. Our gun toting hillbillies will fight to the bell. Though my confidence in Generation Y is frail. They might fold under pressure, or give up all their fight when their iPad batteries die.
  3. At the VERY least, we have a RIGHT to keep and bare arms, for sure rifles, shotguns, handguns. Sure, we may never be able to use tanks, or F18's, or patriot missiles, or subs, or aircraft carriers. But that's not really necessary. Our sons, fathers, and brothers in uniform are not so silly as to fire missiles at Americans. I believe they will stand with the people. The Government already is corrupt, they are already greedy liars looking out for their rich friends. All they need now is to ruin the dollar and force us into poor desperation. They will disarm us, then because we are standing in the breadlines again begging for help, they will just take over. This is how it has been done for thousands of years. They have already turned us and our grandchildren into debt slaves for the Federal reserve. It's only a matter of time. NYC already spent 40 million installing Big Brother. $5 says they will spread BB to other major cities until it becomes "common" and "popular" When this is what the government can bring againt the people possession of semi-automatic assault rifles, rifles, shotguns, and handguns at the very least should be a right of the people. I am generally ashamed of how many Police these days are just bought off pigs collecting a paycheck and protecting the corrupt bankers instead of the people. *P.S. I ****ing hate this new forum, they way they set up attaching files and **** is stupid and this is NOT user friendly at all!
  4. +1, read it back in school, havent read it in a looong time but love it
  5. I see you like Jay and Silent Bob. Clerks 2 was good.
  6. Bacteria alone proves evolution takes place. They can literally watch evolution occur on a microscopic scale in petri dishes full of bacteria. Don't forget the Botfly experiments. Look at humans, we have gills and a tail in the begining development stages of embryos, those things go away as we near birth, but some people still get born with their tails, or even other "deformities". Man_Rash, I CAN take those peer reviewed studies and test them for myself. I can do my own experiments. That's awesome. It means I do NOT have to have faith in science. If I don't believe water boils at 212 degrees farenheit at sea level, I can put a pail of water on a fire and try to prove it wrong. Heck, I prove it right everytime I make macaronie and cheese. If I don't believe that H2So4 is deadly to humans, I can force and bunch of people to drink some and see what happens. (I would go to prison though I'm sure) If I don't believe gravity works, I can throw people off buildings until one floats. (Again, I'd be sent to prison) Now tell me, can I repeat, recreate, or test the evidence that YOU used to come to YOUR conclusion about the God of Abraham and his prophet Muhammed? No, I'm not talking about reading the Torah, Bible, or Qur'an, with an open heart, I've already done those things. Fine books, full of historical information. I am talking about testing the evidence YOU used to come to your conslusion. I'm talking bout recreating whatever experiment YOU performed to verify your results. However, the a priori claim of GOD is not supported simply by reading those age old pages. Those pages provide zero evidence for the existence of GOD. You simply take Moses/Muhammed's word for it using blind faith that they weren't lying, crazy, delusional, or maybe even deliberate con artists looking to gain power over the people. Then, you make faith sound virtuous when it is not. Why on earth would you glorify the willing surrender of reasonable thought and intelligent investigation? I don't need to prove that the current evolutionary theory is ture, because the THEORY is sound, yet not standardized natural law. See, it's still just a theory (the best theory for now) subject to change with new discoveries. The theory that life on earth changes over time due to genetics, environmental pressures, and sexual selection is fully supported by biological evidence. But the FACT is, Evolution does occur. We can see it happen in front of our eyes (and through microscopes). We are already genetically altering chickens, cattle, and vegetables. You have to be stupid, or willingly ignorant to not see that we use evolution everyday. Transitional fossils you say? Wake up. We don't even have transitional fossils for all the dinosaurs. You do realise that only about 2,000 somewhat intact dinosaur fossils have been found in the whole world. 1. Many of the ones we find are damaged, scattered, or not complete. 2. Certain environmental conditions were required millions of years ago in order to preserve the bones of some dinosaurs. Dinosaur bones are not found in jungle marshes, or warm wet humid places. They are found in dry desert regions were sediment and weather permitted those few fossils to be preserved. 3. We do have fossils of other types of upright primates. Humans are a primate. ****-erectus, and other homonids are also primates. Monkeys and Oragutans are also primates. We are all connected. You need to realise that our homonid family stretches back hundreds of thousands of years, and we have only been able to look at the last 10-15,000 years of data. 4. We are not looking everywhere. No one is digging up under Los Angeles, or New York, or London, or any of the major cities that possibly cover clues to our ancestors. Human transitional bones for sure will be hard to find, but you first have to understand that bones aren't automatically fossilized. Bones decay, wash away, etc. The fossilization process is not a given. It wasn't even a given with dinosaurs. Many of the dinosaurs that died did not become fossilized, and don't forget that we are pumping much of the "old world" into our gas tanks. Yet, even now I am willing to admit that God is possible. God could have created the whole universe and we just evolved within it. None of this disproves the existence of God. Where/why did the universe come from? I don't know, I don't have the answers. However, YOU Man_rash ACT as if YOU have the answers. Or maybe that Muhammed and Allah have the answers. You claim to know the absolute truth. Pretty bold and extraordinary claim, one that requires a bit more than just "have Faith Bro!" But, I don't think anything I said will even phase you, your indoctrinated and faith based reasoning won't allow you to see how ignorant you are.
  7. You just solidified your cherry picking man. The scriptures are all good except for the ones you just happen to think were corrupted... If one scripture can be corrupt, so can they all as they were all written by men. Now you are being 100% hypocritical. He doesn't see it, he won't, he can't, take your pick. He believes Muhammed got it right, and the others before him had it all twisted. It's called being in utter denial. Cherry pickers love to stay in denial.
  8. If it was up to me, I would make a live-action, serious tone, Broly Saga in a three-part film series. Broly as the villain for the duration. Ridley Scott or J.J.Abrams to direct it. NO childish bull****
  9. It's a volunteer military, there is no draft (yet) so although I think they could use a slight raise in combat pay, they otherwise get a stack of benefits if they are smart to take advantage of them - and vets get good care if they use it properly. I will note that with some VA medical experiences myself, injured vets could use a bit better "customer service" and stop getting the run around sometimes.
  10. Michael Fassbender Andrew Lincoln (Rick from Walking Dead) Aaron Eckhart I could deal with Jon Hamm, I like him as an actor, I just don't care much for Mad Men.
  11. Nolan - The Prestige, TDK Trilogy, Inception, (and getting behind what looks to be the best Superman Movie ever!) Spielberg - Jaws, Indiana Jones Anthology, War Horse, Saving Private Ryan, Munich, Minority Report, Jurrasic Park... Tony (RIP) and Ridley Scott - Alien, Man on Fire, Top Gun, Enemy of the State, True Romance, Legend, Prometheus, Blade Runner, Gladiator The Wachowski's - Matrix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas, w/s V for Vendetta
  12. Shared to my FB page, good vid. Thanks for sharing SN.
  13. This. Weird to copy you, but exactly this for me too.
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