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  1. you mean baring winning the first two rounds and the 4th round pretty definitively.
  2. Haha seen more then enough ppl say draw or bisping. Don't be mad Hendo couldn't put the king away.
  3. Gabri1985

    and still

    Bisping let Henderson land those h bombs just to prove he could take them.
  4. Even the Rogan fight companion lot said who do you give rd2 too. AND STILLLLLLLL
  5. mate he landed next to nothing in that 5th round. Absolute best Henderson got was a draw.
  6. At best a draw for Henderson, 3,4 easy Bisping. Henderson did nothing on 5th baring a takedown that lasted 15 seconds and ended round on his back getting ground and pound. 48-47 Bisping for me AND STILLLLLLLLL
  7. This would be like watching family fight to the death, I couldn't watch this fight.
  8. Are you a crim nyte? Sorry this has made you mad. Nahhhh I ain't really.
  9. Haha no idea where that thread is.
  10. The white wash is on, 3-0 here we come.
  11. The thing I never get about the if more ppl had guns where the shooting took place less people would of died argument is this. You're in a dark club and you hear a shot go off then you hear another one you look around and 2 people are shooting at each other how do you know who shot first? Answer is you don't! You then have a situation where a number of people are shooting off rounds probably not with the worlds best aim in a packed tight space people will get caught up in the crossfire. You could quite easily end up with a situation where multiple people are all shooting at each other and bullets flying everywhere.
  12. so what you're saying is America needs more guns?
  13. I was actually only in Orlando last week!! Remember seeing one of the lad's who worked on harry Potter ride, poor guy.
  14. Poor ppl, seeing the text off one of the guy's to his mum was heartbreaking you could sense the fear in it. While people have this kind of access to guns **** like this will keep on happening sadly.
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