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  1. That was a very good KO. I'm very surprised. Didn't see that coming at all. ****, does anyone even post here anymore?
  2. So, as a lot of you know, I'm 16... Well my best friend & I are taking a trip to Vegas. We leave on June 25. His parents are the ones taking us, & his mom's best friend is a counselor at the school that Randy's stepson goes to. And apparently, Randy's stepson gets in quite a bit of trouble, and since my friend's mom's bestfriend (Renee) is a counselor, she gets to talk with Randy quite a bit. Well, my best friends mom (Amy) asked Renee if there was any way we could go see "something the has to do with the UFC," & coincidentally Renne knows Randy pretty well...so she says, "Oh, I actually know a UFC HoF'er pretty well. I'll ask him if StephenColbert & Caleb (my best friend) could meet him." So she calls him & asks him, & surprisingly Randy said that we could hang out with him for the day & go check out his gym & all kinds of cool Randy Couture ****.... So it should be awesome.. Just thought i'd share that with you guys.....
  3. the streaming's not working for me right now...
  4. Haha. It says James "gives" Head on his Wiki page. It's funny. Go look at it.
  5. That won't happen because dos Santos doesn't throw kicks.
  6. definitely Nintendo 64... no doubt. but I think that XBOX360 isn't very far behind.
  7. haha, i'm pretty sure this is a joke but **** it; i'll reply. tony has alright striking...not amazing striking. plus, he got out-struck up until when he connected, and he only got the TDs because ramsey wasn't expecting it at all. i think he could beat some LWs, but seriously, most of them would beat him... & don't get me wrong; i'm not saying he'll never be a contender...it just won't be for a while. i promise. i'd like to see him fight someone who could KO him next fight just to shut you delusionals up for a little while, haha.
  8. Why the **** isn't anybody looking them up and posting...?
  9. i believe in the illuminati...to an extent. it says they control media, oil, govt., etc... well, there's gotta be someone that's deciding what goes on t.v., and there's gotta be someone that decides what the gas prices are. i don't know if the deciders of those things are the illuminati, but even if they aren't, they're what people summarize the illuminati to be.
  10. Look them up, & tell me what you think about them. They have a Youtube page. And if you already know about them... well still tell me what you think about them. Missing a few members but **** it.
  11. nick diaz ain't the devil.. tyler, the creator is.
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