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  1. I want Rampage to win but I can't see it happening.
  2. I think that if Melvin wins he should face Donald Cerrone and the winner gets a contender match against Siver.
  3. Dinosaur- Because everyone calls me that.
  4. He said "Nightmare" is evil, so he doesn't want to be called that anymore. But he said that he didn't want a new nickname after "Dream" was suggested.
  5. He doesn't suck. But I think he's afraid of KO'ing someone maybe.
  6. Just make Anderson Silva fight Bisbing. I'd like to see Bisbing say a word then.
  7. Round 3 should have been 10-9, because Fitch did the same thing and more in his past fights and still got 10-9.

    What happens to G-Sot?

    He was just overpowered.
  9. New- God of War series AC2-AC:Brotherhood Old- Pepsi-Man
  10. Forrest vs Bonnar the 1st time I watched it. But then it got boring after I watched it a million times.
  11. Rumble via headkick. Hardy's head will be knocked off his shoulders.
  12. It's been long since I last saw a Rampage KO. That ends ant UFC 130.
  13. Alves vs Lytle would be great but it isn't going to happen.
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