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  1. We need coked up Jon Jones back
  2. Tested it a few weeks ago, 3vs3 mode. Basically do a couple laps with the ball then throw it into a hoop for points.
  3. Jones wins within the first two rounds.
  4. The PPV was already pretty bad before the title fight got cancelled.
  5. They will give Conor a fight he should win, like the Poirier rematch, then do another Khabib fight.
  6. I can hear it both ways, depending on what im thinking in my head.
  7. 3 days after all the **** talking he just did to DC, tests positive again.
  8. How the **** did Ottow win that fight? Other than biased hometown judges
  9. im guessing Woodley was suppose to be on it too, but is waiting for that hand to heal up.
  10. Cmon Hillary Clinton, don't let me down.
  11. Was hoping Leben would get to beat on Baroni a little more, but that guy didn't want to fight.
  12. Love the black beast but i don't see how he can win this fight. DC will take him down within the first 15 seconds and never let him back up.
  13. Going with Axl Rose again, his time will come.
  14. Well that made me smile before another ****ty day at work, so ty japan.
  15. I think this card was suppose to have RDA vs Covington too but they are worried about what will happen if Colby goes to back to Brazil. His bodyguards wouldn't be able to stop everyone.
  16. If anyone still plays PUBG on xbox one, you can download the PTS from the xbox store and play the Miramar map tomorrow. 6-12 pm est for the next couple days.
  17. Chiesa got hit by something Conor threw, opened up a cut on his face. Not sure how bad of a cut yet.
  18. Dam i was hoping Bruce Leroy was going to light Artem up.
  19. What a ****, going to get suspended again then use that as an excuse on why he isn't going to fight.
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