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  1. I remember the old forum. I joined it in 2005 when TUF season one was playing on Spike TV. It was a different era. We didn’t have internet back then. Times have changed.
  2. Sports than have already banned choking: football, soccer, baseball, boxing, wrestling, hockey, even hunting (it is illegal to choke animals, like deer, when deer hunting; but you can humanely shoot them if you have a hunting license) Sports that allow choking: MMA (some bjj tournaments allow knee bars, arm bars, head bars, etc.) You can’t argue with the numbers.
  3. Guys, I’m proud to announce that Danny ended up taking out $200k in school loans and graduating from a local university. He’s currently unemployed, but he regularly volunteers with a local ANTIFA group. People always said he wouldn’t amount to anything. Jokes on them. You should see him out there protesting against the evils of a western capitalist society. Danny, you’ve come a long way.
  4. I would be in favor of submissions more akin to knee bars, to the head and neck regions. But choking of the wind pipe is where I draw the line in the sand. You can’t have your cake and eat it.
  5. Hi. I am pretty sure none of this is real. We are in a Matrix within a Matrix.
  6. GSP finished Michael “Count” Bisping via rear naked neck bar. Therefore, I have returned.
  7. You guys still alive! Good to see some familiar posters.
  8. With the USADA drug testosterone rules, it is now more important than ever that we ban neck holds. The risk of danger and at a minimum death is just too high with the new PED procedures.
  9. If we get enough support, maybe Matt Hughes will join the webinar as a special guest. For those who don't know, Matt is the former welter weight champion and current Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations for the UFC. Perhaps he can share how the UFC interprets certain provisions of the fighter code of conduct, and we could apply similar interpretations to analogous forum rules.
  10. Do you have any cheat codes for the UFC 2 video game? I'm trying to figure out how to unlock the GSP grease character. thanx
  11. My name is Pete. I posted here a long time ago. Will you please provide a link to the forum rules? Because sometimes rules are "gray," I would respectfully suggest that you consider having a bi-weekly or perhaps monthly webinar / seminar where we the posters can learn the rules and discuss pressing UFC community forum issues without fear of retaliation. We could call it the "safe zone" or something else that clearly connotes protected status. I would be willing to pay a small fee ($2.50 perhaps) to participate in the seminar. I'm sure others would too. Thank you for your consideration. Discuss thanx
  12. Now that Frank and Lorenzo Zuffa have sold their shares, we might be seeing some much needed regulation to protect fighter safety. We don't need another fighter passing out and almost dying like Holm did when Tate got the rear neck choke on her. Not a good look for the sport.
  13. He lost twice against Lawler and once against GSP. At this point, it is clear that he isn't a contender. What's the point of keeping him around? Zoofa should save the $ and cut him. Discuss thanx
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