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  1. The picture is real but it is from a motor cycle accident in Colombia
  2. Used to be LHW but not Jones has come and will dominate i like 155 pounders more
  3. Seeing this has made my day So good to see him happy after breaking his arm like that
  4. Big Nog has nothing left to prove, but he could still be a contender if his arm heals properly
  5. i don't think big nogs got anything left to prove in the sport. Hope he recovers well
  6. http://mmatime.tumblr.com/post/14064393682/big-nogs-broken-arm-caused-by-the-devastating Ouch
  7. He wasn't out but he was close and i have seen many fights stopped in a position like that
  8. Jon Jones is the favorite but im not ruling out a machida upset
  9. At the beginning of the fight i was cheering for hendo, By the Fourth round i was cheering for shogun, Man he has heart,
  10. John maguire is awesome good card 8.5/10
  11. John Maguire doesn't have a BJJ belt, thats pretty cool
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