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  1. meh, I do not think she would care much about her sponsors, if their contracts are anything like the runners by having making gold already and adding some rool overs and so on she is probably set for life. The second is an opinion, I had a friend that did gymnastics back in college and one of the guys in his team had a major injury that you can only get in a sport like gymnastics (he lost full mobility in the legs), you won't risk any injury like that by running or things like that, maybe in weightlifting if you are unlucky enough.
  2. That girl would not be the one close to Biles, it would be the one close to the weakest on the team (also I do not think she would have too much hope of going anyways, and probably would have done worse than Carey). And Maybe, maybe not, lots of ifs, you won't know unless you know the person, you are just projecting how you would feel in that case. I do not know if you actually watched the event, the team competed in full because there was someone who could step in: Carey...so no spot was really wasted, only the possible reserve of the reserve. And maybe they would have performed better if Biles had given a longer notice, probably not, Russia won by a decent margin. Skinner got a chance in vault. In floor/bars/beams there was no one that could take her spot but it was in the individual part so the only one that lost was Biles (and the medal count of US which won't be affected by that, since in the end US did take the gold individually as well, so you arguably lost a silver medal, boohoo)
  3. just to threef. and to anticipate some possible replies, why then did I see the video and decided to post it. I follow the guy because he posts a lot of cool running content in that channel, I had avoided this topic because I did not really care, but I thought it would be interesting to hear another olympian perspective on the topic, so I watched the video and although as with everything I do not agree 100% I do think he made some valid points. Then coincidentially I saw this thread here and thought you might appreciate a different point of view from an US olympian, you watch the video and take what you think it's worth from it and that's it. So I'm out before I start queefing
  4. Also I agree with his first statement 99.9% does not have a clue what they are talking about, I guess none of us has ever been near the top of anything we do in our field, so there is that, I do not know what the maximum amount of pressure it is you have felt to perform anything, in my case it was probably the defense of my dissertation and that chit already sucked balls, cannot imagine having to perform on any major scale, I have nothing but respect for the people at the top of their fields. I also do not know why people feel the need to have a strong opinion about this as well, it does not influence your life in any shape or form, move on, if you feel threatened by the probable racial points some people might try to score with it, deal with the roots of the problem not with this, is you feel threathened by the snowflake mentality, deal with the root of that as well and so on
  5. I'm not really emotionally invested in the topic, but i will reply anyways She did what she had to do, you can call it quitting if you want or not, she took a rational decision regardless of the pressure the media and people in general were placing on her, and that is commendable. The osaka thing I was more indirectly replying to Cahs and he was I believe pointing to the RG or other torunament when she quit because she felt she could not handle media obligations, as the guy says, you can go out and play tennis and lose does not matter. Not the case in gymnastic as for 2, I do not believe anyone in team US cares, I do not know why you would care this much, the rest of the team probably looks up to her, not for me to tell, not for you to assume either, if she decided not too go people would be complaining that she left the team to die and what not, people will always find things to b*tch about. She sucked before landing in Tokyo and still managed tzo qualify herself to the finals, perhaps she took the place from someone else not that that person would arguably be better than her. As I said the rest probably look up to her and would have wished for her to participate and take her chances if she somehow had a mental breakthrough once the competition began As for the racial stuff I get people in the US will use the race card either to the benefit the argument they want to make or to minimize the argument other people are trying to make. Do not really care much about that, if she were white and had decided to prioritize her menthal health also kudos to her.
  6. He makes a lot of valid points. In Gymnastics it is different to other sports, e.g. I would not be particularly keen to defend Osaka, but for Biles I will most definitely give a pass.
  7. The one an only, was the first oceanic can that came to mind, sure there are plenty, I was more into the sport back then. G-Sot was also supposedly a contender and never amounted to much in the end, hence the homework Hooker is copying 😅
  8. Dan Hooker jelly because he can only copy G-Sot's homework.
  9. On second thought, I might just copy 5dimesyourbeer picks and make sure he doesn't win this one 🤣
  10. So with @Bubba_Sparks and @juice64011 exit scams I guess we can call it now. No need to keep this tourney going. Crown me now 😬
  11. I had forgotten the DeniSON incident, thanks for the lols.
  12. Almost as bad as juice's exit scam from the prediction league 😬
  13. Forgot to also tag @Bubba_Sparks
  14. I'm sure Decompoze payed Diaz to not finish the fight when he had that can on skates. I picked the wrong mexiCAN for the upset...
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