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  1. Condit gets taken down, regardless when you read this.
  2. I am ready to @ trollcake should that happen
  3. I've been sold some tickets for this next fight, I hope they ain't no wolf tickets.
  4. the first 5 minutes or so were just ABC propaganda
  5. may the lesser causal win!
  6. even the fatties went to decision, this sucks
  7. Indeed I see two randos fighting. It had been long since I last saw a ufc event live 🤣
  8. You could just copy wickles picks and then he won't be able to get hottest take anymore 🤣
  9. Survivor would be ok, the idea of bubba opening it and cash running it seems the best for me as well
  10. If @Decompoze runs it I might consider it if we do only the important cards, no more rando fight night chit.
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