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  1. I cannot see Maia closing the distance, I just hope it is not a Marquardt repeat... Best case scenario, maia ankle picks him and proceeds to backpacking him until he quits. RIP in pepperoni my favorites
  2. Yup it's more mind than anything. I raced the first of march, after thst all coranaed, at least the big ones, a friend participated in an ultra but was local, similar to you, ~6k loop 1 hour. I signed up for a half ironman next year in may and will run berlin o september so next year should be full barring more cancellations.
  3. Yeah those kind of big backyard ultras should be up your alley, depending who shows up it can take longer than 24h in some cases.
  4. it will be interesting to know who ends up in 2nd place, it is pretty tight as of now...
  5. I rode my bike from Leverkusen to Strasbourg over the past 2 weeks (with a short trip to Portugal in between), 7 stages total over 540km, nothing fast or anything like that, just riding along the Rhine river with as less stuff as I could
  6. ***Mangophobic*** please do use the correct terminology.
  7. As long as they stop putting my over the hill favorites in the card I could have a fighting chance (watch them put Diego Sanchez next an me picking him to win...)
  8. Crazy stuff, that Barcelona was in line for an embarrassment I could expect, that it was 8 goals... And tha citeh was going to lose with Lyon was not even an option for me. Do not like any of the remaining teams, I hope is anyone but PSG
  9. Can we pretend this card did not happen? I repped all my boys except chito and he happens to be the only one that won...smdh head.
  10. Congrats, yeah, thousands of people have ran longer and biked even longer than me, so no big deal hahahahaha nope no bonking but rode well bellow my FTP and ate and drank enough, main problem was **** and shoulders
  11. it was supposed to be 90-100 today, I left supper early to avoid the heat but I was not as bad, I rained a bit so it cooled off, on my last decent it got hot but I was almost there so I did not care much. The ironman I don't know, I'll try the half distance next year, I just do not see myself out there for 12 hours
  12. Solo Ride gained mad respect for anyone that even attempts a full ironman, I might have ridden the remaining 10 miles or so, but there is no way In hell I run a marathon after that (having ran a marathon already I just cannot imagine that)
  13. @Bubba_Sparks, today I did my first 100 miler
  14. Holy crap, you are right indeed, and as a strict follower of Megasoup's doctrine I'll refuse to even google that.
  15. I sure hope so, during Gastellums fight I was trying to remember who the current MW champ is and couldn't remeber who took the belt from brittle knuckles...
  16. almost forgot about this card, also, who tf are these people?
  17. I think Trump takes it, cannot see what Biden could offer that Hillary didn't and he won't have the women's vote from those who vote for women exclusively.
  18. it's JDS, he has not kept his back off the cage in the last decade or so...sad days...
  19. nevermind, bart would have gotten then a perfect card, I am glad the decision went that way
  20. i was a split decision away from black2black2black wins
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