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  1. it's my second win, and I have started watching the main events since I have dazn but yeah, still under 60% that is embarrassing. Following my trend this year expect my next two events to be under 50%
  2. They can still lose all the remaining games and Citeh could take it
  3. Only pick I was unsure about was Fergusson, have not watched the prelims and won't so I will assume the decisions I got wrong are because the judges suck
  4. They cannot even start the car if they are drunk, seems legit to me.
  5. yeah it was along the lines of "lalo and ignacio did it"...I re-watched breaking bad this year because my gf hadn't seen it, i caught that one immediately.
  6. So season is over, what do you guys think? I quite enjoyed it, too bad we will now have to wait who knows how long to finally know where Kim, Nacho and Lalo end up...
  7. you probably need to compare death/number of beds or something of the sorts. the mortality can be very low if EVERYONE gets the tratmenent, if not, a 20x increase is not strange, just every new critical case that does not get treatment is more or less an insta death.
  8. I can access the fora again without vpn 😎 weird stuff 🤔
  9. Number of daily cases went down for the first time in Germany, more or less 2 weeks after the more drastic measures, will have to wait a couple of days for the number of daily deaths to go down in a couple of days to be sure the first peak went by. Now the question is what will be the measures to be taken to guarantee that the healthcare system keeps running without collapsing until herd immunity is guaranteed. The people in the UK might be familiar with the ICL publication and the on-off model, we'll see if something of the sorts in in plan here or maybe something else.
  10. He'll be dead as soon as he leaves prison, or he will be shipped to Hull, UK.
  11. Visual representation of the cases neatly done https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  12. (yes still in Germany)
  13. probably won't be as bad as Italy but it is inevitable, the only thing you can do is slow down the propagation so to not overload the system for that 4-5%for which it can become life threatening. Also carnival was here a couple of weeks ago, wait for the number of cases to increase if just a single person there had it
  14. been waiting for that, quite surprised it has not been the case yet I expected my work to be one of the first places to have a case. We do have to bring our laptops every night home just in case.
  15. Broke the 20 mins for 5k last Sunday. 19:54 No progress on the pullups, other than having spent a couple of hours googling which bar to buy
  16. kind of forgot all what happened in seasons 3 and 4 hahahaha, I'm rewatching from the start to catch up
  17. lol, bubba first deCANpoze 2nd and myself 3rd, the rest of you might as well just kill yourselves ?
  18. @Decompoze didi I update it right? (Krause)
  19. you better pray your rando does not select me for your picks hahahaha
  20. under 50%. smdh head. I might as well just call it quits hahahahaha
  21. I was trying to keep @NoCakeForYaya's only contribution to the fora alive. But yeah, Bobby Duckles would have been a more fitting reply.
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