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  1. Do you guys remember when Pettis was good? Lmao, me neither
  2. Lol there’s not a single person on this forum that believes you got sober, not even Freddie.
  3. Pettis never broke his leg lol he got outclassed by a special needs child. And now he’s asking for Diego Sanchez...... Thats actually not even that funny, it’s kind of sad
  4. Not a chance, they are just waiting for the right time to shut it down
  5. I said nothing to you or about you.
  6. Your typical go to, I see things havent changed
  7. How you been Nikki? Good to see you are still alive and kicking! I hope things have been going well for you
  8. Looking forward to the new NFS though It will probably suck like all of the other ones. Way of the beam
  9. Felder maybe, not a chance in hell Pettis takes it. He's currently on the prowl for a can..... STAT!
  10. This will be the biggest fight in UFC history imo opinion. The buildup will sell tickets and PPV's, huge payday for both of them. Good, it's about time the real ones start getting the money they deserve. These guys have earned it.
  11. He should honestly think about retiring. I don't care if Condit and Sanchez are cans, Pettis shouldn't take anymore head damage from anyone after that last fight. It's time he starts thinking about his health and making a move to training or retail work.
  12. WarWest®


    No way Steve did that, he couldn't ref a fight. I'm supposed to believe he can save a life though? No way Jose
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