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  1. Only Fair since sniff sniff jones Didnt get in trouble right?
  2. I think Gus will work his way to another title shot
  3. Props to Gus, Sucks he lost his belt to Rumble tonight but hey RUMBLE is a beast. I dont believe Jones deserves a shot at the new LHW Champion just yet, Jones is only on a 2 fight win streak since he lost the belt to Gus.
  4. storm22

    Holy ****

  5. Kongo wins comes back to ufc fights cro crap vs Gonzaga winner
  6. I'm now taking sign bets on this Kongo via french fries of doom
  7. my 92 was the same thing.....my 87 was a iroc
  8. Once I get home I'll post pics of my cars
  9. nice ...loved my mopar it just got up there in miles. Throw a slp lm1 system on it I had it on my SRT sounded sick. .plus spend the couple extra bucks and get the mopar CaI then a trinty tune....youll be good
  10. nice whip bro....was that the 5.0 or that snappy v6. I got the 13-14 style..5.ho!
  11. Post pics of your rides...ask some questions if u need help...I was a te,h at the east coasts largest dealer for 5 years....I'm sure there's other techs here as well... Some of you may remember I had a quick **** SRT8 charger...over 600hp all motor with a 193mph top speed....now I'm rocking the new mustang 5.0. Mostly stock got some axle backs on it.....also I have owned a 300c. 350z. 06 hemi jeep. 2 camaro 87,92 4 toyota trucks a sunbird a celebrity a Cherokee a pontiac g6 chevy blazer and 99 gt mustang....also owned a 03 banshee 04 warrior and my most recent a 07 ltr 450
  12. Conor was getting a lil stiff from Siver bulldookie punches 2...that conor chin isnt strong
  13. This, conor cant stand that Aldo is not phased by his antics
  14. Aldo gonna tap him out just like those scrubs did
  15. lol whatever you guys need to tell yourselfs to sleep at night
  16. If siver took down conor twice god frankie with kill him too
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