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  1. I just heard he welched on his account bet so I doubt he follows through with this. I am back since he welched on his bet why should I honor my account bet with him. Also I forgot who I lost the AV Bet to but I will not bet on forest again...I aint even mad tho..
  2. Come on bro. Shogun is a legend outside of the UFC but he is 3-3 in the UFC. Not hating just saying.
  3. Tito Ortiz for the following reasons: Both fighters have improved since the last time they fought but Tito is coming off a win and is in fight shape. Rashad has been sitting out for a year and a half and the ring rust is going to hamper his abilities more than he thinks. I also believe Rashad thinks he is just going to walk in there and destroy Tito Ortiz which means he is being over confident like Bader and we saw what happened to Mr. Darth Bader. While I respect Rashad's abilities and do not really dislike him, him coming off a long layoff and an injury does not bode well for him against a reinvigorated Tito Ortiz. My prediction 2nd round submission by Tito Ortiz. Tito Ortiz will win the main event. Signed- TeamPunishmentMVP
  4. I assume you were making a joke? I am not trying to "flame" you, I believe Rashad has good striking it will just be awhile before his striking is of an Anderson Silva caliber.
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