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  1. Hi guys! I haven't been watching UFC or read the forum posts recently, could you please give me some information about whats going on briefly regarding: -The situation regarding Wandy ducking Sonnen? -Gustafsson getting the title shot? -Cormiers next opponent? -Any UFC news you find worthy to mention! Thank you!
  2. What do you think? Is it possible because of the stacked weighclasses?
  3. Not roids, TRT. TRT is currently legal in the UFC even though many, myself included, think it should be banned. Vitors fighting style, success, and overall body has changed a lot since using. Hence people think he is a cheater. Thank you Why, exactly, do we NEED to clear this up for you? F*** you seriously, do I need to get the gifs out again. there are like a hundred threads about this already dude. and welcome back but please, everybody. no more threads about this PLEASE again welcome back and post more, but not threads on this He uses TRT, the end Will do:)!
  4. Hi guys! It's been a while since I've been on the forums and looked up all the fuzz around the fights. What I have noticed though is that almost everyone says that vitor is roided up EVEN Dana white. Yes I know this is getting old and overposted for everyone, but can someone give me a summary of what people (noticable people in media) have said about vitor and the potential of him beeing roided up? And is there any link/article/video where dana states that he thinks vitor was roided up? thank you for the help.
  5. Of course he would do good, but anyone who thinks he got a chance against the elite HW are just ****s.... who the f*** says that Jones do NOT use his size advantage in fights and just got it as a bonus? Are you kidding me? What about the reach? the long elbow ground and pound? The long arms to control people easier on the ground? Now, if Jones would be up against JDS or Overeem ... (and I do not mention cain because cain is first and foremost a wrestler, which Jones could handle if ANYTHING), do you REALLY believe he would stand a chance? Both guys are atleast just as tall, and punch harder than Jones even been close to get hit.... And Overeem even ridicolous hard kicks which would demolish those chicken legs..... nonono anyone who believe he got a shot at the belt should drop the hugging LOL at you with your MMA knowledge.
  6. good point... yes....lyoto machida, and then was running backwards from it
  7. I'm a Swede and I was so F'in happy when gustafsson won yesterday, even if it were a impressiver performance, I seriously don't believe he got the slightest chance against Jones... I'm totally serious, I would REALLY want him to demolish Jones, but it aint gonna happen... If you compare the fighters and how they beat shogun, you see that jones tooled shogun with ease, while gustafsson had a great battle... and also, gustafsson is a boxer, and we saw that shogun was able to take him down, assume what will happen against Jones then..... he will be on his back, with low level jits the whole fight. With that being said, OF COURSE we want to see gustafsson vs Jones EVERYDAY instead of that bum Chael getting a shot.
  8. It was a bit bad written... I meant that the double championship was a legit reason.... then I went on the subject again. I dont want to sound as a BJ hater. I really like him, honestly! But from a objective point of view, I really don't think he deserves to get the status he got now. He is a lovable character and almost everybody wants him to do good. Thats what I it!
  9. I don't want any butthurt BJ penn fan angry comments... I seriously want a legit explanation (such as the double champion thingy)... I really dont get it... now when it comes to the double champion, he still beat matt hughes for the WW title, which I give him credit for... but who the hell did he beat for the LW title? Joe F*in stevenson.... if anderson silva were in the UFC 8 years ago, dont u think he could hold the belt in 3 classes? tooling hughes at WW.... franklin MW....and Ortiz(LOL) at LHW? ........... look all I'm saying is that, to me, it sounds like BJ penn is compared to GSP, Fedor, Anderson, Dan henderson..... THAT B.J penn lovers is a shame.
  10. I have always been thinking why people give BJ penn so much credit for his performances.... I know that he was unbeaten in LW for 4-5 years but if you really look at his record, who has he beaten? for real.... who the HELL has he beaten? Sean serk? Diego Sanchez? JENS PULVER? Cut me some slack ffs... the only worthy opponent to make him recognizable amongst the G.O.A.Ts is matt hughes... and the fact that he is 16-9-2 doesn't help him either. And don't give me the crap that he moves up and fight heavier guys "ooh he fights LHW like lyoto", well look closer... he doesnt WIN those fights... I can go up against Overeem, JDS and Velasquez and get KTFO 3 times in a row and probably end up in a wheelchair... should I be considered the greatest?
  11. I missed out the part after the fight.... What was the points? And did any fighter do an interview... if they did.. what did they say etc.... thank you!
  12. Hi guys! I was thinking about the position that the fighters got at the moment, and what happens to them if they win or lose. Do you think.... -BJ will retire/change weight class if he loses? -Will Rory always fight number one contenders/top fighters in WW until GSP is dethroned/move to another weight class? That is not a good goal in my opinion... -Shogun will retire/change weight class if he loses, since his ladder will be very high to climb for a title shot afterwards. -Nate will go up to WW again if he loses to benson, just to make room for Gilbert Melendez to have a run at LW? Thank you!
  13. I honestly value e.g Jon Jones title defences more than the ones anderson got... I really do think that I am biased and value a win over Rampage or Shogun (former pride champions/fighter) is more worth than defending the title against the likes of chael sonnen (yes, Chael Sonnen, the man many adore for some reason)... I mean if Jon Jones keeps defending his belt for instance 4 more times against the caliber of the competition he face right now, and Anderson keeps on defending it against the ones like Bisping, Stann, Chael, munoz etc.... I really would value the 8 title defences of jon jones more than 14 - 16 of andersons.... Is anyone feel this way or am I just plain biased and love pridefighters a bit too much ? P.S: I really still believe anderson is the P4P best fighter on the planet since hes been champ for like 6 years and defend his title consistently , even if the opponents are not in the same caliber as the ones Jon Jones faced recently (with exception of vitor whom both defended against)....
  14. yeah sorry about that, we swedes got descent english but it's our second language =)
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