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  1. Friends in Dallas said for the last month, bars in Dallas Austin and Houston have looked like the virus never happened and they're heading back to square 1 basically. Take out only, ****tails to go. I believe some restaurants can be open outside. I hope states, like IL, learn from the hot areas right now and don't allow the bars to turn into the wild wild west and ruin a good thing we have going on right now.
  2. people can say whatever they want about Trump and his little hydroxychloroquine stock and all that BS. But it is irritating how more and more news about him and his family have stock in the testing in IL, and testing in IL is supposedly the highest in the nation. No one wants to bat an eye at that!? No one wants to bat an eye about all the made up test results that are slowly coming out? I read an article on the Patch today and it had a great line. "He is ruling on executive order, held accountable by no one" and his administration answered the question of "why aren't the test results adding up across the state?" with the great answer of "must be a computer glitch, the statewide numbers are correct. We get a lot of data daily, expect some numbers to be off" LOL! Whatever you do, don't ask the hard questions.
  3. I dont doubt this is hidden somewhere. I wish everyone in the nation got to see him as much as they see Trump. He is such an ahole. I'd like to think he got sick of hearing all the hate and that is why he is beginning to relax on his stance a bit but I also don't want to give him any credit he doesn't deserve. I am pretty surprised he came out and started to relax a bit and starting phase 3 everywhere but where Little Lori Lightfoot has under control. I've already gotten my hair cut and enjoy a few watering holes next door in Indiana. I never thought I'd be so excited to go to Indiana.
  4. Illinois governor says the models that had COVID peaking in April, were then Mid-May so the lockdown was extended. NOW...he was "forced to work from home" aka, enjoying his time in Florida with his family, says the models are MID-JUNE now. So a good 10 weeks off so far. Cash is correct, this is going until November AT LEAST.
  5. I actually meant to ask that on here after I saw he cut a few weeks ago. From someone who has never done it. Doing that twice in less than a month can't be great, yea?
  6. Again, yet they're letting actual criminals out of jail due to jails being "petri dishes. At this point, they are letting the prisoners out of jail to look like the 'good' guys' in hopes of their friends and families running to the polls to vote for them correct? Why would someone vote for a guy that in their mind has done nothing for them over someone who may be a real POS, but helped them see a family member or friend that was locked up? It's a no brainer. And let's be honest, it benefits the minorities. Would I be correct with that statement?
  7. she's the first black female lesbian mayor. the triple whammy. you're a racist misogynistic homophob POS if you say anything negative about her.
  8. Makes all the sense now that they are releasing criminals and making it next to impossible to charge a criminal with a felony. They need to make room for the party people!
  9. I thought episodes like 5-10 were fantastic. It makes me sad to know it coming to an end as they get closer and closer to the beginning of Breaking Bad. But the show really stepped up this season. Everyone. Kim was great, Lalo was great and became a favorite of mine. Nacho. I will have to find the clip, but the brilliance of Vince & Co. is nearly missed. One of the first scenes with Saul in Breaking Bad have Walter and Jesse holding him hostage in the desert. Saul screams something like "DID LALO SEND YOU!?" which when watching Breaking Bad you do not think anything about that line. Love little things like that. Over 10 years ago that scene was shot.
  10. He sure is. Him and his crew get to hide behind this virus and expect the government to bail out the pensions. certainly wasnt the decades of mishandling and corruption. he'll continue to move the carrot further and further out. I like how he said "I'll show off my models later in the week" why aren't they readily available for questions? Is it because there are no models and you want to extend this as long as possible? I am enjoying Trump bullying him these days.
  11. where's that TUF guy to say something dumb now
  12. I actually just read this yesterday and it is even posted on the CDC site "COVID19 should be reported as cause of death if it is ASSUMED or CONTRIBUTED to cause of death." Just amplifying numbers through the roof. Ignoring the fact that many have been abusing their bodies for the last few decades resulting in poor health and this was the straw that broke the camels back. Wouldn't be surprised if Chicago is testing those dying of gun shots to see if their blood has traces of COVID to blame that instead of getting shot on the south side.
  13. Few people I work with swear they had this in December/January in Chicago, I am sure there were cases that weren't diagnosed as this. I will have to find the tweet, I believe it was a Washington Post/CNN guy, so who knows how truthful he is, but alarming if true. Said Wuhan only reported around 2,500 deaths, but ordered 5,000 urns were delivered to one mortuary over the course of 2 days and Wuhan has 7 total. I don't know how many tests China reported but Trump said we're at almost 1mil and Abbott Labs just created a 5min test. So we'll have even more tests.
  14. I am interested how it works out for Brady in TB. Offensive playmaker wise, it seems like it should work out. But how is their Oline? Defense as a whole? There are a lot of unanswered questions, did Winston get hit a lot because he held on to the ball too long? Was the defense shredded at times because Winston put them in terrible field position with his INTs? A lot of it will be who follows him there I think. Atlanta still probably wont be great. Carolina while they have Teddy is still in an inbetween rebuild phase IMO. Saints will still be the team to beat in the NFC South as long as Brees is there. They're a much more complete team. As hard as it seems hard to imagine and I could be totally wrong here in a few months. I think Tampa Bay will be the Cleveland of the 2020 season. On paper it looks great.
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