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  1. verJJ

    Stoolgate rustle thread

    Kennedy cheated himself sticking his fingers and holding onto Romero's glove gif below https://twitter.com/damienworley/status/516314333962199040/photo/1
  2. Both have been in the UFC forever...why haven't these two been matched up yet? Diaz takes it imo
  3. 2:00 mark JDS and Glover know whats up
  4. just discovered this album by some weird coincindence.. classic, love me some pete rock
  5. Rumble looked awesome, so insane to think he fought at 170, dood is huge Big johnson
  6. verJJ

    GSP tears ACL

    http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2014/3/27/5555584/ufc-georges-st-pierre-gsp-acl-injury-mma-news again
  7. verJJ

    Herb Dean GTFO

    Hendo got taken down regardless of the fence grab Shogun was done, his nose exploded, couldn't even stand up.
  8. You heard his corner tell him to stick to the gameplan. Bet his next fight will be exciting
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