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  1. If I could compare forum posting to masterbation I feel like I have just been Dutch rudder'd
  2. This bands drummer is a teen Berkley Caliber prodigy. Love this guys stuff.
  3. Some of my favorite songs. Opeth - Serenity Painted Death. Opeth - Bleak Necro****ist - Fermented Offal Discharge ^Dat solo Necro****ist - Stabwound Behemoth - The Seed ov I Gojira - Planned Obsolescence Gojira - Esoteric Surgery Gojira - Oroborus Gojira - The Fall Anything by gojira really, awesome live band btw Machine Head - Beautiful Morning The Black Dahlia Murder - Deathmask Divine Arch Enemy - Blood on your hands Obscura - Anticosmic Overload Awesome Intro
  4. The only loser Nick Diaz should compete against is himself.
  5. Whats this about bruising of the butts?
  6. Pretty sure bill o'reilly is the p4p greatest troll irl.
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