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  1. This. Nick would have problems with GSP's movement like he did Condit.
  2. If Shogun shows up like he did against Vera, Gus will light him up all night long. I picked Shogun from the moment this fight was announced and I'm sticking with my pick.
  3. I see Schaub wrestling Lavar and TKOing him later in the fight. 1st Round Lavar is nothing to joke about, though.
  4. The prelims to this card are something to behold. I still like the main card, but, not as much.
  5. This train is carrying H-Bombs and is on target for Calgary, Alberta, Canada...UFC 149...directly to Jon Jones's chin.
  6. ...but, this is all that matters.
  7. I LOL'd hard when he put the glasses on.
  8. Thanks' date=' Buzz Killington. [img']http://images.wikia.com/familyguy/images/3/33/Buzz_Killington.jpg[/img]
  9. I love your post, but, you forgot about the rules differences. Everything you said is true, but, the rules in each play a role.
  10. I'm in. Can't wait for the great Jones to be crushed with an H-Bomb.
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