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  1. MMA rules forcing fighters to wear gloves is the only reason Masvidal is still alive. If gloves were optional Maia would have been the undefeated champ for years now.
  2. I don't know about all that skeleton bull**** but these were the first human beings in America and dont you let no scientist scum tell you otherwise compadres
  3. Stich might actually beat doodoo 5000 if he can outrun him for 25 seconds
  4. Have to still watch it, did they go for the terrible cliffhanger or do we get the identity of the victim??
  5. I can turn a pretty ordinary story into a funny one WITHOUT lying. People always ask me to tell the same stories at parties.
  6. In a grappling competition she could probably hold her own in the BW division but in a straight up MMA match, not so much, She'd likely get overpowered by a lot of guys. That said I do believe she has the best overall technique in the whole of the UFC. Her transitions and positioning in general are simply on another level. People like to say Cat "got caught" when in reality she was swiftly and professionally neutralised.
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