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  1. Rockhold looked terrible. His size and strength bailed him out of a KO. David Branch would have KO'd Rockhold on the feet had he stuck to it. He gave Rockhold the fight by abandoning what was already working for him with the boxing and tried to do clinch work with the bigger stronger man. I'm telling you right now, Rockhold cannot handle constant pressure in the pocket with strikes. He needs space or he has to grapple and overpower his opponent. David Branch absolutely could've KO'd Rockhold had he only kept trying.
  2. Ha! In Stipe's freakin dreams. If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense.
  3. I think it would be awesome if he could actually stay on his feet, which he wouldn't. You'd see Tony vs Couture type fight every time. I did see that Aldo has been training boxing over at Robert Garcia's gym though, so maybe there's something cooking.
  4. Mayweather's worst performance ever until round 7 or 8. Conor had a decent jab and a nice counter left uppercut. He did better than I though he would, but I have to ask myself how much of that is because Floyd did so little. I think Conor could one day become a good boxer with a two or three years of dedicated training and amateur work, but another prime professional championship caliber boxer in his weight category like GGG or Canelo would beat the crap out him right now. Badly. I think Mikey Garcia would knock him out. It was a fun event though. I think everyone in the world was watching it.
  5. We all know the drill. I'm not going to pretend to be outraged. If I were JDS and about to face off with Francis at this point in my career, I'd try and get in prime condition too. Some get caught and some don't, but almost everyone plays the game. It happens in boxing, too.
  6. I thought BB was retiring due to a permanent back injury. Gotta earn a living I guess.
  7. I'm not making fun. I'm pointing out that Reem was freaking huge and powerful for that fight in a way that Jon Jones cannot be. It was Overeem's maximum peak level and Brock's rock bottom worst. Those were two unique variables that greatly affected the outcome of that fight. Basically, it's an aberration. However, both Brock and Jon's most recent fights do better reflect the current state of each man's fight game and offer the best idea of what each would be bringing to the table in the near future. My hypothesis is simply that the last version of Brock Lesnar I saw would beat any version of Jon Jones save for a Reem-esque complete body transformation resulting in 50lb of new quick twitch muscle.
  8. No. Jon Jones is not roidReem and Brock Lesnar is not a few months removed from having over a foot of intestine cut out. After seeing the Hunt fight I'm certain Brock would smother Jones.
  9. I actually thought DC was making progress closing the distance occasionally, which is amazing considering how fast Jones was running backwards. What got him was Jones pecking at that soft gut like Anderson Silva. It had him wanting to defend his midsection and hence no defense for that shin to the dome. Jones did well, but he should heed this: There is no running from Brock Lesnar.
  10. I hope Big baby Miller gets his **** knocked out. That dude talks a lot of s.
  11. Big whoop. They have the same sized frame. Plus, Jones has outweighed and outsized almost everyone he's ever fought so I have little pity there.
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