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  1. The only thing that hits the mats are Anderson's opponents.
  2. MillenniumBoy

    GSP mad

    GSP gets mad? I thought robots werent programmed with emotions?
  3. GSP couldnt finish a sandwich.
  4. Sonnen couldnt beat an egg.
  5. The same way you guys were blind to think Shobum is anything other than a pride wash up?
  6. Before or after he gasses in 45seconds?
  7. LOL...tell that to Jones who keeps avoiding questions of a possible fight with Silva..if anything Jones is terrified of fighting The Spider.
  8. Admit that your boy would get manhandled and totally disgraced if he ever even dares steps foot in the cage with the G.O.A.T known as Anderson Silva. I mean afterall he just got manhandled by a 3years into MMA rookie right?....Admit that Shobum isnt even worthy of shining Silva's shoes...I promise... ...You'd feel better.
  9. I didnt atleast not as much as Shobum fans rode his directly off a cliff.
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