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  1. Anderson trains with Freddie.......
  2. Nuklbone2010

    Gsp vs. Kos

    Wow was that a one sided fight...And amazingly Kos threw 3 head kicks and didn't fall on his ***!!! Kos stayed in there tho...With one eye..
  3. May-be not the best ..but the ones I like and practice are Kali & Kempo..
  4. Nuklbone2010


    Had a great fight with Garcia and I "think" we all would say he won that fight..I just hope Dana see's it the same and keeps him around that was a good showing from Nam and he deserves to stick around after that very very bad dec.
  5. I also think Page won..May-be not the (Fight). But he won the fight on the cards for sure 2 rounds to one. I have to agree that it felt like the fight wasn't over yet but unfortunately it was. Had Machida done more than backing up in rounds 1 & 2 it probably would've been a different fight all together.. Any way congrats to Rampage on the win.
  6. yeah I also had Page winning rnds 1 & 2 and Mach winning the 3rd
  7. I don't care if you believe me or not. I saw his fights in Orlando when I was living in Florida in 2006 . Just because he's on a show now doesn't mean people haven't seen him before any of the tv stuff he's done. I'm not counting anyone out because this is MMA and it can always go to anyone at any given moment. I just think Brookins has the best chance of winning.
  8. Just wondering who you guys think will win. I personally think Brookins will win, I've been watching him for a while ( before he even fought Aldo). He got some very good skills and is a pretty well rounded fighter. I thought he did fairly well against Aldo up untill the 3rd round when Aldo tko'd him. Loss Jose Aldo TKO (Punches) WEC 36 - Faber vs. Brown 11/5/2008 3 0:45 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Brookins
  9. GSP may actually be looking to finish in this fight. He's been working his boxing quite alot with Freddie Roach. It would be nice if he actually kept it standing the whole time but we all know that won't happen.. GSP talking about KOS, Tuf 12 & working with Freddie Roach:
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