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  1. nkogneato

    Okay who won?

    The loss is bad enough, but then listening to Dan Lambert telling the story about the weigh in fiasco, I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy. Looks like he got screwed twice in one day. Again, YR should have been on weight the first time, but they gave him, by the commission rules, 2 hours. Then after he gets cleared by medical to cut additional weight, some lady from the commission decides he has to weigh in right then, and of course he is counting on another hour or more, but she tells him right now, or the fight is off. He did not get the 2 hours per the Illinois athletic commission.
  2. nkogneato

    Okay who won?

    Sooooo RW lost total strikes, significant strikes, and takedowns. Twice got KTFO, and is probably still feeling the effects of scrambled brain syndrome, but he wins on two of the judges score cards 47/48 winning rounds 1,2, and 4, with no 10/8 for Romero. So I can't change that fact, I cant make it right, but I know he lost. Say what you will, to me there is nothing anyone can say on a forum to change my mind. It's funny how butt hurt people get when you disagree on a forum. I don't even like YR, I think he has been bending the rules ever since he joined UFC, but in my opinion, he got robbed on scoring that fight. If 3 or 5 was not a 10/8 round, then I don't know what is.
  3. Wait CM will never fight in the UFC again? Who could have seen that coming.
  4. I think he broke it when he hit the ground after getting KTFO, twice. Oh but he won, I'm sure of it, he won.
  5. nkogneato

    Okay who won?

    I guess the question for me is a clear description of what is a 10/8 round. I am amazed RW made it out of two of those rounds. If getting knocked down, almost losing the fight, and walking sideways to your corner isn't a 10/8, then what is? So it's simple for me, if round 3 and 5 are not 10/8 Romero, then RW wins.
  6. Honestly, I don't know what the answer is, or who should make the call, but again, the fighter that came in heavy, won. 9/9 have came in heavy and won, so what, they lose 30%, Wonderboy will now drop in ranking, and Till will be getting a title shot, so what's 30% compared to what Wonderboy lost. It's just very disappointing that this obvious advantage is going unchecked. In HS wrestling the hardest lbs. to cut, were always the last 3-5, and these fighters are not putting themselves through that, and winning because of it.
  7. This is becoming a all to familiar topic. Why can't UFC manage their fighters any better than this. Make some simple rule changes and fix it forever. How about, you weigh in the morning of the fight, if you miss weight, you have 2 hours to weigh again, if you miss the second time, you lose? Simple. That way dudes like Till wont try to drop 35-40 lbs. He would have to move up to middle weight, watch his diet, and not balloon up the day and a half after weigh in. That's way too long from weigh in to fighting. This is getting old quick. If he wins, that will be like the 9th heavy fighter to gain a victory after coming in heavy. Please do something.
  8. Three things happened last night that give me pause. First that poor Raquel and that idiot working her corner. That SOB needs taken out and beaten as bad as she was and then see if he wants to go back in the wood chipper for another 5 minutes. That dude is a disgrace and needs to be fired. Second Please make Belfort retire before he ends up slobbering all over his sippy cup, broke, brain dead, and only 50 years old, please. And of course last, the UFC needs to address the weight issue. I feel the rules are very lax, they give the fighters over 24 hours to get back up to normal after weigh in, that's a lot of time. That is very easy to deal with, I mean the second you weigh in, you could rebound quick, and be somewhat normal come the next evening when you fight, that's easy. For anyone that wrestled in high school, or college, that would be fantastic. So IMHO, I feel that you should get one hour, if you can't make weight by second weigh in, then that counts as a loss, and you lose your purse. The track record on coming in fat is great, they always win, so lose a little money, but gain a win? It's ignorance to repeat the same thing over and over, it needs to change. You miss weight, you lose, simple. Dern was 7-8 lbs over weight, again, going back to what I know, anyone that has wrestled knows that the hardest weight is the last 2-3 lbs, that's when you body says no more, and you have to push through it to get there. Hell she didn't even lose the last 5 lbs. She should have been given a loss, and no fight taken place. That's a shame, and Cooper was done wrong. I keep pen and paper in hand when watching fights and try to keep score, I had Souza, but I will not argue that point, he left it close, and in the hands of the judges, so it's a mute point to argue. I'm a 20 year UFC fan, and will always be, but last night was painful for me, and after seeing the video of Raquels corner sending her back out when she asked to stop, just mad me so angry I had to voice it, sorry for the rant.
  9. Well at least one person on these forums has the common sense god gave most mountain goats. It's cute that you people think Conor is going to fight Khabib.
  10. I think Pettis is very strong against the takedown and should match up well against an average take down guy in Khabib. It looks like a great card, I will by all means spend my money to purchase it. P.S. Sorry just trying not to get my post banned again. I heard from someone that Pettis couldn't defend a take down against a drunken sailor, and Khabib will end it in seconds, but I of course didn't say that, and that the PPV numbers will be horrid, again, just what I heard. I of course will spend my 60 bucks on this wonderful card.
  11. Oh my lord, just cancel this mess, call it a learning experience and call it a day. Anthony Pettis is a horrid match for Khabib, horrid. Pettis can't defend a take down to save his life, and he is going to put on a "showtime" against a ground and pound superstar? Thanks, but I will keep my 60 bucks in my pocket.
  12. It's so cute that you guys think Nunes would take a fight against Cyborg, and that Coner will ever fight in the UFC again.
  13. Not sure about a unanimous 29-28. I had RL winning first only, just didn't seem like he did enough in the third to win that round, and by no means did he win second.
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