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  1. This card has to be the worst yet. Even the main event is completely pointless. Hoping they start putting together some better cards soon
  2. Miocic is getting dusted in Rotterdam. Cashflows tears will be delicious!
  3. Too quick? Nothing to do with quick. He could have sat there and read a book for the next hour without going out. He plain quit
  4. And to think I used to like Segal movies.... Well the first 2 or 3 anyway. I didn't think they could get any more cheezy.
  5. You constantly rip FLW and HW. Yes FLW will always lack power and HW will always lack stamina. That is because of the LAWS OF NATURE. Sometimes you should just put a cork in that yapper. You act like its the fighters fault you twit! Even the best conditioned HW will never have the cardio of a guy like Edgar and a FLW will never have the power of a guy like Lawler. No matter how much they train. I don't like watching FLW much myself but I don't constantly cry about it like you do with either weight class
  6. Rothwell is the one guy I would like to see him avoid. I pretty confident Reem beats everyone else. He should technically beat Rothwell too but I would be on edge of seat entire fight.
  7. We have all heard the saying "styles make fights". We have also seen before how fighters will seem to have a certain opponents # but yet lose to fighters that same opponent has beaten. This can happen in any weight division but one of the reasons I like the HW division is because this seems to happen a lot in HW. I think primarily it is because fighters can have different body types and size can differ from 225-265. More variables. Its so hard to say who is the best at HW. Last night Rothwell had me thinking he could be the man but then I think of the leaner, relentless, quicker style of Velasquez and think Cain will always have his #. As an Overeem fan Rothwell scares me because he is that huge, well rounded and dangerous guy that could KO him with another glancing blow. He may have the style to have his #. Just as I believe Overeem would have JDS # and Werdum will have Cains #. One thing is for sure you never know what will happen in the HW division and that's what I like about it. Does anyone else see a dominant Champion on the horizon? Hard to say but I think Werdum has the best chance at the moment to be that guy.
  8. I normally don't like eating crow much but that was awesome!
  9. ****.... I hope this is his last fight at WW.
  10. I''l put brown in my av. never agreed to that other **** Cashflow
  11. **** I couldn't watch the fight. Its over already? Was it a good fight at least?
  12. Is that Magny? those guys could be brothers from the same mother
  13. LOL! OK its a deal Going to love seeing you represent every time you post
  14. Creative m8 I'll give you that
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