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  1. So winning a split decision against an old dude really impresses some people. Just don't watch when machida has to fight jones again. That old dude will **** your gf while staring you down
  2. Punches to face > aggressive face moving forward
  3. The only fool here is you son. You don't fight. I do. So of course you would think lyoto a **** You've obviously never been in a fight except that one time when you had a gf Stick to trolling
  4. hopefully with a ****in razor blade. http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/apple/video.php?v=wshhFou5G7Ng9mB9Q1sp
  5. Of course you think that. You have the IQ of a lima bean. Obviously you never been in a fight if you think that.
  6. He just lost those 3 belts to Lyoto emotionally, physically & mentally. Get real. Welcome to 2013, Marty McFly.
  7. Because for some weird unknown ****ing reason, people actually thought that he'd be able to get close enough to JBJ to land that H Bomb. Then they got a reality check from someone who doesn't have brooms for limbs
  8. yea... running away while not doing any sort of damage is schooling somebody... LOL no. Landing more strikes and taking less damage and not looking like a novice when striking is schooling Hendo. Even Joe said "what Dan can do is not move forward but move back" That's how you become a counter fighter
  9. Hendo was made to lose. All he has is that overhand right. If lyoto was more aggressive he could've finished him. Think he just wanted to secure a win to get a shot a JBJ OR not get cut because of Dana's drama tirade. Either way, idk why people are booing. This fight was good. Lyoto schooled him. LOL @ people who think Hendo won. Punches, Kicks, Counter Knees, TD, GNP > 2 kicks, punches, TD, " Aggressiveness" <----if that's what you wanna call it.
  10. LOL he schooled Hendo. All Hendo had was 2 leg kicks, funny overhand rights that often threw him out of balance, and a TD with some weak **** GSP gNp. Lyotos takedown had more technique and he landed a few punches before bell rang. Hendo lucky it wasn't in the beginning of the next round. C'mon, son.
  11. Hendo got his gameplan from his punching bag Karate Art > H-Bum
  12. What a tool, ran for 3 rounds....even worse than Condit How can this tool smile after a split decision....**** him, Dana will cut him soon Someone, quick, call the WAAAAAAHmbulance for old **** **** carnagy
  13. ITT: Aldo fans scared of Frankie's rematch ability. He just needed 5 rounds to work Aldo out, when he gets this rematch expect 50-43 score cards for the new UFC Flyweight champion of the world... Frankie "The Answer" EdGOAT. Speaks nothing but the truth!
  14. Here we go again smh Why don't we just give this dude #1 contender fights and title shots only? I mean he's earned it right!? ****ing 3 fight losing streak lol! WarWest, you son of a ****!
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