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  1. LOL.This guy! Jon Jones kicks like a little girl compared to anderson silva; do you honestly think if jon jones landed a front kick on vitor belforts chin that he would go out? really now' date=' are you THAT dillusional enough to think that? Also look what happened to the last 2 people who tried to front kick vitor? [img']http://www.cagedinsider.com/wp-content/images/mma/2011/08/vitor-tko-of-akiyama.jpg[/img] ...And both of them can kick harder than jones.
  2. Just a bunch of Canderson huggers jealous of gsp's legacy compared to silva.
  3. Gsp isn't losing his belt anytime soon unless he moves up to middleweight. Jds is too fast for the reem. If frankie gets past bendo i don't see anyone stopping him anytime soon unless diego drops back down.
  4. Who would win if you and Anderson silva/or jon jones fought? and how? please discus and thanx. also do you think diego would have finished ellenberger in a round 4? do you think that fight should have been stopped in the late 3rd round?
  5. bonnar or griffin, or phil davis. not interested in seeing machida shogun 3 just yet.
  6. awesome thread. this guy never gets enough credit, easily one of the most underrated and under appreciated people in the sport.
  7. yes and make it a main event with 5 rounds this time!
  8. Obviously diego, jake had nothing for him in that 3rd round. a 4th and if he made it the 5th would have just been embarrasing for ellenberger.
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