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  1. Okami layed on Alan the whole fight; he didnt get beat up he got seduced.
  2. This is what made it so much worse because he is such a genuine guy who made no excuses and fought the best fight he could at the time. Blood sweet and tears.
  3. No doubt they are both at the top but the friendship and character of each man I dont think there is anyway they fight. Big nog was more of a dream but I don't think he's too far out from the top guys. He was destroying Mir before he got dumb.
  4. Love Hunt but I'm really not sure he could beat JDS. The only thing that through off Ciganos hands were the relentless takedown attempts.
  5. Smart wasnt a compliment lol Bendo fights smart and that ish pisses me off lol
  6. Anik sucked he was a more annoying voice version of goldie
  7. ^ no chance he fights DC... I hope Big Nog gets a rematch and wins the title and then retires
  8. After getting popped for juice to have an immediate title shot following seems wrong,
  9. Cain looked to me like he wanted to remain in control rather then mess with any potential jits JDS had. He would much rather maintain turtle position then try to take the back and get swept off. It was a smart decision.
  10. I'm not a JBJ fan and many people on this forum arent either. But I get the feeling he does have a huge fan base considering Nike was willing to sponser him.
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