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  1. Remember flicky wrists, bowel movements, and guns.
  2. Practice on a pad or a door; anything with a kickback
  3. if you happen to play any other sport that requires fast cut
  4. With a little patience and practice, you will quickly find the the target
  5. You will quickly feel the outer deltoid burn with repetitive punching.
  6. Jones knows he cant sit there and trade with him unless he wants to go to sleep a little earlier then he usually does
  7. The challenge is how to stay true to union of players:p
  8. I just got this in my email and wanted to share (gameness gi with my name on it!): 25% off all gear and apparel on two or more items, plus free shipping to the US and Canada, no minimum order! use coupon code: WILDSPRING11 That's like getting every fourth item free! No one gives you better everyday sales and amazing sales like we do! Hurry before this sale ends. Go to FighterWarehouse.com to use this promo or visit one of our stores. From Monday at 00:01 am until Tuesday at mindnight only (EST).
  9. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad buoy:confused:
  10. Jake Shields has not fought the best competition, It kind of sucks:D
  11. who upsets the community:rolleyes:
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