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  1. No I just saw the ad for it thought I'd pop in. I'll be gone after.
  2. Are they gonna OD in Lex Lugar's apartment?
  3. Doesn't have to be original if it's true he's been a blanket since prior to UFC 100. Is anyone, outside of Hendricks, still in the company that he beat?
  4. Wait is The GOAT actually fighting the Ice Chin?
  5. Tl;Dr Dana was on Pardon My Take last week and throughout the interview The PMT guys kept hinting at it while Dana never denied it He sounded pretty strung out, wouldn't shock me if it's their next fight. Problem is IRELANDs noise ordinance laws
  6. He stopped being fun with out Josh Koscheck and Leben getting pissed drunk.
  7. Yes Home Depot vechile are Chevys which makes them GVDs General Vechiles of Destruction. Imagine if he had a silencer attachment! AUTOMATIC THROTTLES HAVE TO GO!
  8. Also can someone let me know the status of Baby J. Is he fat J, unmotivated J or focused.
  9. Hi Im GoldenAfro, I think MMA ended in 2013 and the rest of this is a hard trip from Joe Rogan and Alex Jones.
  10. Good Afternoon "fight fans" ( Sorry I ahev been away for a few years and I'm not sure if HBO boxing has that tradmarked) As I haven't watched the UFC since August 17th 2013, I am curious what is going on in the UFC MW division. Also known as the division that Candersom Silva chose to dominate instead of fighting people his own size. Sad! Did the security guard from Twin Peaks actually get good at winning big fights or did everyone retire or change weight classes? Is the UFC hurting that bad they need to give Georges (plural) a title shot? Wasn't his last fight consisted of getting punched in the face by that flat footed Oklahoma wrestler? I don't see UFC ads on tv at the near level I see Bellator and this forum seems to be much slower than the last time I was here. And Bellator throws fights more than PRIDE, the peoples champion losing to Frank Shamrocks pin cusion from the 90s. SAD! Glad to see the UFC pulling hard for the Canadia and Brit markets. Plz discuss, this stuff is hard to google
  11. Bob from Stranger Things. Finally a respectable step father we can all look up too.
  12. It's time that New Jersey cracks down on their truck laws. This wouldn't have happened in a Fiat. Government regulations solve nothing.
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