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  1. Unfortunately he won't beat RDA or Edgar. Both guys beat McGregor with ease.
  2. Wonderboy will kill every single fighter in the division, except Rory... He's long and way to smart. He deserves next WW shot
  3. He wins a unanimous quite handily, and might add with some outstriking moments before gritting him to an easy win.
  4. RDA will destroy him easily regardless of talk, Edgar will easily beat him as well, and then there's a flurry of contenders he stepped over who could probably destroy him... Not a hard question to answer
  5. Mendes on two weeks? Dennis Siver? Dustin Poirier? Edgar, Lamas, Bermudez, Cub Swanson? Where are they?
  6. 10 Votes a piece lol... I can't believe how many Cain fans think he has a chance in hell at winning... I'll be winning an easy 3 or 4 grand on this fight, can't wait
  7. Both Brazilian bums, won't matter who wins, but hopefully we finally see another double KO
  8. BlackBaron


    Bigger shots? There faces looked the exact same? Plenty of TJ's significant strikes were leg kicks n punches that were grazers hahaha... rustled jimmies are so fun
  9. BJ Penn vs any Japanese fighter would be a great fight. Most of the Japanese fighters are very stationary, and lack volume. Would be good for him.
  10. He was always a weight cutting can. Kinda why he's running from Edgar terrified. Hasn't even defended a title he won by a lucky punch... We'll see two LW's go at it in Connor vs RDA, but RDA wins by Pettis style domination
  11. Gonzaga, Josh Barnett, and now Matt Mitrione... But lets be realistic, he came from Jacksons, and Jones was losing Gus badly, and he eye poked him to a loss so he could spin elbow him... just a common theme now days... no punishment, guys realize an opportunity to be cheating goofs
  12. I think the main event may have been the only decent main card fight? Browne cheated his way to win, Alvarez bored his way to win, and Pearson n whatever that zilians name is are punch drunk bums incapable of true top 10 status... disapointing for sure
  13. Watch Holly Holm beat up Ronda... or just the finish... you'll smile and dance everytime =D
  14. Werdum HW Rumble LHW Rockhold MW Rory WW RDA LW ALDO WILL BE BACK AS CHAMP KTFO hype irish gayboy FW CRUZ BW MM FW HOLM WBW JJ WSW
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