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  1. Will he? He wanted to fight in August and against Borg.. doesn't appear that's happening now does it? MM definitely squashed any chance of him fighting TJ.. Dana is not going to forget that. Dana will make DJ pay for this someway or another. I can't think of a better punishment then closing down the division right before he breaks Anderson's record and forcing MM to fight at 135lbs or never fight again.
  2. Why you so mad jp? I got deco too take over for mcnazi.. this next tourny will be legendary because of Decompoze He's making this game significantly better than mcmod EVER could
  3. I'm still baffled why you are posting here It's very clear you don't watch fights, go find another forum to make friends. Something you actually enjoy Perhaps a knitting forum would better suit you
  4. I actually think you are mentally unstable beg Nothing you said was remotely true and you sound like a wack job You are taking this WAY to serious, you should relax imo
  5. Team North America vs ROW works well We'll take our Canadian brothers to the north and brown brothers to the South all day
  6. Thats why there are no girls posting here aside from the sharp ones like Nikki This beg moron doesn't have a clue about the internet I'd suggest you stay in the kitchen, but you don't strike me as the type to take care of your man that well
  7. Lol wtf is this You realize I'm just playing around on here... Actually you DON'T realize that. Lol what a sucker
  8. I wanted mcmod to quit the game because he was a stubborn idiot I don't want attention, you can all put me on ignore for all I care
  9. The best to ever do it is coming back That's amazing, I'm in full support of whatever deco does, he's very intelligent and compromising. He will make this game fair again. If anyone gives him any lip they'll be dealing with me
  10. I'm fine with that rule as long as the champions advantages are taken out of the game and instead replaced with Decompoze performance based rule set. You wouldn't hear a peep out of me.
  11. Right here homie I knew this would happen and I called it last month. I said if DJ turned down TJ the UFC would strip his belt and close the division down for good. This article doesn't claim they are shutting down the division yet, but this is strong evidence to suggest that a shut down of 125lbs is coming right around the corner. This makes me happy btw.
  12. I make perfect sense if you relax and take a deep breath before reading my post If you ever posted on the UFC side you'd see I call people out for not actually watching this chit on a daily basis I still don't think you watch mma, just because you know the most popular fighter doesn't mean you actually watch this chit Prove me wrong and discuss mma, stop being such a coward if you actually do watch fighting
  13. I keep going back and forth on you You're not all bad like Bart or cageratler, but sometimes your smug attitude triggers me
  14. I just had one little problem that you could of fixed right away but choose to be a hard head instead. So this is actually your fault if you think about it, you should of just agreed, fixed the rules and we could have moved on.
  15. My rules are literally the same rules Decompoze uses... He's not using mcmods retarded rules he goes off performance like I do.. not post count or previous champs
  16. Mcmod gives a chit what I say or he wouldn't refuse to run another one And if you keep up this lip I won't even run the next one
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