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  1. Yeah I'll be hanging around here a bit more I actually agree with you, although I don't think JDS will ever be the JDS of two years ago after the Cain beatings. Junior gets the KO here unfortunately, think they'll make this fight next?
  2. Shogun/Hendo first fight, re watched it soooo many times Zuffa buying out Pride, although Pride was awesome, the thought of the best of UFC and Pride fighting was ridiculously exciting McGregor winning the title
  3. McGregor Vs Aldo Rousey Vs Cyborg Fedor Vs Lesnar That's your UFC 200 right there! ????
  4. Haven't recovered from his losses pal, don't think I ever will That's a solid list of posters right there, awesome that you still post here bro, you good?!
  5. Haha! Took a break from it then forgot my password dude! Forum seems way different now
  6. Any 09'ers 10'ers still post on here?! Back posting after a while off here
  7. These are sick! B-) Good job man!
  8. Good fight, I'm picking Marquardt. Lombard's gas tank won't hold up, especially at WW
  9. Is this game still going? Hope so
  10. Jre is pretty good but lately i've felt slighted. Like how many of his recent podcasts did He waste 20 plus minutes on Genghis khan. Also Dave asprey sucks the worst BBertcast is by far my favorite now I'll give Bert's a try. I'm actually a bit behind on the JRE, haven't seen the recent one's.
  11. JRE! The only one I actually watch regularly, now and again I'll watch Joey Diaz's podcast's but everything else seems a step down from Rogan's. Favourite guests are Joey Diaz, Callen, Eddie Bravo, Graham Han****, Duncan Trussel and Bert Kreischer, and any MMA related guests. I recommend the Chael Sonnen one to anyone who hasn't seen it:
  12. Hope Haye or someone KO's Fury sooner rather than later, the guy's an embarrassment! IMO Haye still has the best chance out of the Brit HW's at beating one of the Klitschkos..
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