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  1. shogun33

    best fighter quotes

    " im here to represent cesar gracie jiu jitsu or take my *** whopping, its whatever" nick diaz, classic
  2. shogun33

    Is shogun done?

    he would kill boetch
  3. shogun33

    Is shogun done?

    I dont think so. He looked way better than in the vera fight even though he lost. He just needs to get back in shape and loose those man *******.
  4. no, he knows he can only take washed up "legends"
  5. theres usually alot in the ufcstore.com
  6. go home loser,bisping. hes even cooler now for doing that
  7. how the **** is stann in instead of alves,thats ********
  8. alves too? that could be a ufn main event or co main
  9. on a fight night? thats crazy
  10. shogun33

    bisping spit

    good job.rivera had it coming
  11. shogun33

    ufc 127 sig bets

    i got bisping,fisher,penn,gsot,lytle,ring pm me
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