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  1. The UFC has no right to tell people they have to lose weight to work a job, it's disgusting and I'm glad someone is finally fighting back
  2. Why does it look like Ladd studied someone with tourettes for her striking
  3. There's a been a few cards lately that have made me thought "Is this the worst one ever?"
  4. Give it 2 weeks and Frankie vs Vera will be the main event
  5. I don't respect anyone who gets knocked out by Derrick Lewis
  6. So much for being the land of the free smh
  7. Yeah he leeched off Conor's success as a striker when he's a jiu-jitsu guy. Same with Edmond's boxing when Ronda was all judo
  8. John Kavanagh is Edmond Tarverdyan 2.0
  9. UFC could do Tables matches and it probably wouldn't be much more dangerous than current fights if they have those shoddy WWE tables
  10. Daukaus got 2 finishes and 0 win bonuses, Dana's wet dream
  11. Yeah he gets ****ed up on the ground every time
  12. Imagine losing half your pay because the other guy has no chin and got KO'd by the wrong thing
  13. Kevin shoved his head so far out of position that he deserved it
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