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  1. 445 significant strikes and 0 knockdowns? We call that 0 significant strikes where I'm from
  2. Ryan Hall butt scoots all your favourite fighters
  3. Gotta be OSP vs Shogun. I mean, what are the chances of this happening?
  4. I'd like to appreciate ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN
  5. Mousasi vs Hall 2 Mousasi vs Machida 2 Mousasi vs Weidman
  6. Neal built his hype beating meme fighters like Perry and Price
  7. Royce Gracie is going to merk Gerard Gordeau, mark my words
  8. Lol I guarantee that's not why Yoel left. Dude foguht for a title in his last fight and now they don't want him? Yeah sure
  9. This dude chose to wrestle guys in his undies for a career, he came out years ago
  10. Mike could easily lure Chuck Liddell into a fight and murder him to promote this Legends League ****
  11. He face planted 3 times and didn't get up for the 10 count on the first one
  12. That Nate dude proving that being an athlete means nothing and NBA/NFL players wouldn't dominate if they went into combat sports instead. Legitimately the worst boxer I've ever seen
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