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  1. Cannonier faceplanted from that headkick
  2. That's why you don't sign someone cause they're friends with a good fighter
  3. Some would argue Tai is the GOAT, not me but I'm hearing that argument a lot these days
  4. Love watching that filthy can lose
  5. KZ always been overrated because he subbed Leonard Garcia and has a cool nickname
  6. T-city doing it for cancer patients everywhere
  7. Great show but I can't tell if Butcher's supposed to be British, Kiwi or Aussie, the accent is all over the place
  8. I look exactly like Costa and I'm completely natty, you guys are just fat nerds proof:
  9. Black fighters and repping any country except their own, the most iconic duo
  10. So will Bethesda games be free on Game Pass at launch? If so that's huge for Microsoft. For some reason though I just don't care about Game Pass, it's great value if you can't afford games or you play a ton of different ones but I only buy a few a year these days and pick them carefully because I have a bad habit of just not playing them.
  11. Take Woodley and Cerrone out back and end the suffering
  12. I was up at 5:30am ready to watch the announcement cause I could see this **** coming, EB Games Australia has sold out of their launch batch and the one after
  13. Excited for the PS5 just so I can play PS4 games I missed out on this gen but Jesus Christ was that thing designed by a blind man? Ugliest console ever
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