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  1. Rob is by far the best overall MW, Izzy just has the perfect style to matchup with him. Rob has outperformed him against all their common opponents and beaten better competition
  2. Up there with when Dan Kelly destroyed Rashad Evans to retroactively become the 185lb Light-heavyweight Champion
  3. Was this event on at a weird **** time? Normally they are barely starting now, lucky it wasn't a big card
  4. I like both these guys but they don't have a personality between them
  5. Holland would absolutely destroy Vettori with witty quips and small talk on his way to 50-43 decision loss
  6. Mr Tomato Head wants a huge PPV but can't shell out to the actual talent
  7. Dana should force wimmen to retire at 30
  8. Brock has won every match he's been in that wasn't fixed including multiple wins over John Cena and Roman Reigns
  9. More Australian champs than American champs lol
  10. Being jacked is still the best base for MMA
  11. Fighting Reyes in May, was supposed to be last month but one of them got injured
  12. and that's why Tyrone doesn't let his hands go
  13. Can't believe I've been on this forum for 10 years lmao wtf
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