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  1. Tyron getting manhandled by a lightweight
  2. Blagoy looks like he could be Artem's dad
  3. how bout u go an **** off my forum then u peice of **** u think I need a stupid ****witt like u telling me about perma bans who the **** are u take your worthless advice and get the **** out of here
  4. What about real sports like Lacrosse and Disc Golf?
  5. They'll be carting him out there in a wheelchair to hug babies and wave when he's 70
  6. That could be anyone, there's like 5 total pixels
  7. How much of a hardcore do you have to be to be on this forum AND watch this ****ty event? We are the 1%
  8. Even though it's over Keith should still take a point for grabbing the cage
  9. If you don't get your news from a fake Twitter account for an MMA referee you're living in the past
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