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  1. Contender for worst card ever? It screams "We are contractually obligated to offer all these people fights, so here they all are on 1 card"
  2. Khabib has well and truly morphed into Kebab at this point
  3. These 2 clowns make Andy Wang look like a warrior
  4. Izzy if he survives the onslaught of Bobby Knuckles (low probability) O'Malley if the division stops ducking him
  5. probably a missclick
  6. We always knew Conor has 1 round cardio but 1 round bones? This is getting ridiculous
  7. Ironic that Sean O'Malley was a Conor copycat but now Conor has the leg problems
  8. Imagine literally snapping a guys leg in half and a bunch of donks are like "idk man, doesn't count, I'll have to see it again" smh
  9. Conor broke his ankle to avoid fighting lmao
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