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  1. If the UFC decided to pay off a fighter to take a dive it would leak, everyone would find out about it, no one would trust the UFC anymore, and other promotions like Bellator and WSOF would surge.
  2. No. The UFC's success is never dependent on 1 individual. They don't need a card packed with super stars to sell the MSG event. The act of having an event there will be success in of itself. The context of the event means a lot more to the hardcore fan base than it does with the casual viewer, and the casual viewer is where the money is. To the casual viewer this will be just another pay per view. Also -Conor's 6 month suspension is nothing. -Jones has fallen from grace but if you actually think people don't want to see him fight anymore, you have another thing coming -Brock Lesnar had no long term plans of a comeback. It was up in the air whether he would fight again anyway so the UFC did not plan anything around him. -GSP's comeback would be huge regardless of the opponent. It would sell.
  3. LOL. Theres nothing wrong with a fighter wanting to make money. And if the UFC ever became "fake" it would be outed in a matter of weeks (maybe days) and completely implode. It won't happen and it's ridiculous to suggest that it potentially already has.
  4. Lol If you are going to score rd 1 a 10-8 then Diaz's round 3 would certainly be a 10-8. Round 3 was way more dominant.
  5. Speaking of Woodley ducking, i found this hilarious:
  6. haha so true. Its even more unfortunate that they can't actually make a rules-based argument regarding how Aldo won. That's all I was looking for out of this thread but it just turning in to a big "NUH UH FRANKIE SUCKS DUR" fest. A big waste of time really. Ah well.
  7. Its unfortunate people like you are incapable of having a conversation. You're blind to your own bias against Frankie and against "point fighters". Just because you don't like their style of fighting doesn't make them inferior.
  8. As did Rogan and Golie and all 3 judges. Im not trying to protest the decision and get it over turned, I'm genuinely trying to figure out how Aldo was declared the winner based on the set criteria of what the fight is scored on.
  9. Frankie landed more strikes and was the aggressor. That's what the fight is scored on. Not what you think. Not what I think. Rewatch the fight and look at the link. I made this thread hoping someone could explain within the realm of the unified rules of MMA why Aldo won. Not to hear about how he won because of your personal criteria.
  10. Count the strikes. Edgar landed more.
  11. Re watch the fight and look at the link.
  12. Wrong on both accounts my friend. Look at the link I posted and re watch the fight. Edgar landed more.
  13. You can keep saying how Edgar missed a lot but Edgar landed more shots that Aldo. Misses don't count against you. He was also the aggressor. That's 2/3 pillars of criteria in Edgar's favor. So how do you deny a guy based on that criteria?
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