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  1. i'm gonna duck either way but LOL @ people picking rashad
  2. a few hits off a joint usually does the trick
  3. wow, strange how i'm agreeing with a troll
  4. he should replace him UFC 145: Che Mills vs Rory Macdonald sounds like a legit pay per view to me and a good idea by zuffa
  5. Lame Done Gay Can Miller will get TKo'd by cb dollaway then we'll see who gets the last laugh hell, i don't wanna see CB get cut, sonnen should go train with him so he beats the **** out of Lame done gay can, i honestly hated mayhem dissing up my boy bisping while my boy bisping was nothing but class the 4 times he lost, but the second he wins mayhem squirts him with water.. i hope this buffoon gets cut after cb finishes him in better fashion then bisping
  6. ROFL cant wait him to get knocked out by some random can in whatever weight division he is in i assume this guys a brit so he probably also has terrible wrestling,
  7. +1 idk why people hate jones either they're jealous, or they're mad cause he destryoed their favourite fighters
  8. Big_Roy_Fan

    MMA Animals

    jonathon goulet a sloth, cause hes always sleeping
  9. earlier today i took out my n64 and played donkey kong, ocarina of time and banjo kazooie. owned
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