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  1. Gotten to? GSP had to explain to Diaz what passive income is all while he complains all the time that he doesn't get as much money as Georges. Are you going to call people like Dwyane Wade and Floyd Mayweather who came from far worse than Stockton pampered too just because they have nice things and businesses? I'm pretty sure GSP just didn't want to be on the phone with a moron.
  2. If you look at most of GSP's title challengers a lot of their careers have taken a turn for the worse after losing to GSP. Alves was actually ranked P4P before he fought GSP. Fitch has looked more human in every fight after the GSP loss. Hardy is pretty self explanatory. Kos and Shields have looked pretty garbage too. A lot of people keep saying that maybe GSPs competition really isn't that good especially when the rest of the division knock out former challengers that GSP decisioned, but I think that a loss to GSP really messes up a lot of these guys mentally. You can argue that the same thing happens against Jon Jones too when someone fights a guy that they know they cant beat and they realized their life's work probably cant get them the title as long as that guys there. I think the same thing doesn't happen with Anderson as much because his fights are more flashy and you get people having those "lucky kick" delusions thinking they still have a shot. Do you see this happening to Condit? Given the nature of Condit's loss in that it was one-sided, but he had GSP on the ropes I think Condit is actually a guy who will get better instead of fall off the map like the rest of those guys.
  3. I think both Jake and Johnny would grown man Rory. I think Rory has been gifted a lot of fights with physically underwhelming individuals and people who cant match his size and strength and its given him a big head. His two biggest wins are against true 155ers. Condit pushed him and he wilted. I think the same would happen against tanks like Jake and Johnny. I think Kos would beat him too. Also Jake is just doing whats right for him here. Of course he would rather steal Johnny's thunder in one fight and get a title shot rather than have to fight Nate, wait for Johnny to fight GSP, and maybe take one or two other fights. That and Jake is known for stepping up into big fights on short notice and fighting whoevers thrown his way. Hes allowed to criticize others who try to duck and maneuver.
  4. Uh... Smith is knocking out Gracie or cruising to an easy Unanimous Decision
  5. Its all about the pace you establish. If you pressure your opponent and get them focused completely on defense and covering up like Shogun against Jon Jones or BJ against Rory than you are in really good shape and its essentially target practice. People who punch and kick professionally more often than not will be able to hit someone whose doing nothing but blocking. On the other hand, if your cardio is worse than your opponents and you try to pressure and dont get the KO or control you want than you are in trouble like Varner against J-Lau or Brock against Cain. I dont know why you are asking this question. Usually being more talented and prepared than your opponent is the best strategy. Pressure strategies work best if you're a more physical grappler. Thats what all physical grapplers try to do it just doesnt work sometimes. I can guarantee you Okami was trying to pressure Anderson it just didn't happen. Its pretty hard to convince someone to put their livelihood and all the work put into a training camp at stake for a pretty brash approach. That being said, everyone should pressure Anderson. He is a better martial artist than everyone, but he is not the best athlete. If someone can make a fight with Anderson an athletic contest than they might be able to win.
  6. I just rewatched both these fights and realized just how much of Hendrick's striking is ducking his head down and throwing overhand punches charging forward. Thus far I don't think he has faced someone with advanced enough striking to punish him with uppercuts and punches while going backwards. Kampmann did have the credentials yes, but the fight didnt go nearly long enough to see him counter anything. Idk, GSP absorbs on average one hard shot every couple fights and is pretty skilled at punishing people who just try to headhunt. Yes, one by Hendricks will KTFO GSP just like everyone else, but people are going all goo goo over two fast finishes of Fitch and Kampmann to realize they were sandwiched with two split decision wins that would of gone horribly wrong if his opponents could strike.
  7. Tapped2Strikes is a big troll don't worry about it. Jake consistently fights on short notice and sticks it out until the end. Rory quit against Condit with a full training camp and Jake survived two rounds where he was clearly out of gas. He just gets tired sometimes, but that usually comes with being a high volume power puncher.
  8. See now people go saying Hendricks has better standup than Ellenberger just because he has slightly more KO power. Over a 3 round contest if it goes to decision does anyone think Hendricks will hit Ellenberger more times?
  9. So everyone who has one KO loss now can't take a punch? Not to mention it was a knee.
  10. Hendricks has the most ridiculous power in his punches since Shane Carwin, but thats really all it is. People are overrating Hendricks overall standup game wayyyy too much.
  11. I really think this will be a situation of the #6 upsetting the #2. The question is will that in itself make Ellenberger the #2? Following the very likely scenario that GSP beats Diaz easily and Condit smashes Rory again, I don't see who else they could give it to. I think people look at GSP fights and hes faced either one of two guys: 1. Guy with good striking, but a weakness in wrestling and GSP will just take him down 2. Good wrestling/TDD, but very elementary standup and GSP will jab them to death and use his speed Jake is really the only person at the top of 170 who doesn't have a major weakness other than questionable cardio. Lets be real, no one is subbing GSP from their back. Diaz wont for sure and I knew Condit wouldn't either. What you really need is someone who wont get taken down at all and Ellenberger has that ability. He also has actual Muay Thai instead of a fastball overhand punch. In terms of being a well-rounded MMA athlete, Jake is really the only guy that compares to GSP physically at 170. He's big and strong, explosive and has fast hands.
  12. Condit is better than Rory. He will win. Rory needs to bully someone to be confident and he wont bully Condit.
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